The Flywheel

Program for November 16th

Jim Moatzorkis

Port of Richmond Director, Jim Matzorkis

Mr. Matzorkis will discuss how the Port's prospects and the City's are woven together. He will outline plans for future development and answer our questions.


Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

Judy Kafka, Leslie Levy, and Judge Bessie Margherio

Pam Jones opened the meeting today. Bill Koziol led us in the pledge and Stoney recited the invocation.  Henry’s thought for the day involved being able to Vote in the polls last Tuesday.

Visiting Rotarians and Guests

We had a bunch to visitors today.

  • Oscar Lugo a past member of our club who is now a member of a Sacramento Club visited us today.
  • Joyce C. was visiting from the El Sobrante Club today.
  • Enis Johnson from the Richmond Police Dept. came to lunch today with Chief Magnus.
  • Charles Jackson a North Richmond pastor visited us today.
  • There were also a whole table of Soroptomists visiting for lunch today who included Judge Bessie and past member or Rotary and the owner of Rockefeller Lodge.

Sunshine Report

There were not reports of any Rotarians suffering any ailment today.


  • Don Lau’s Luau is going to be held at the Rockefeller Lodge on Saturday evening December 15 at 6:30.  The cost is $37.50 each or $70.00 for a couple.  So bring a friend.  Remember whenever Lau’s Luau is spoken you have to recite “Pam show me your coconuts”
  • Jim Beaver announced the Annual Rotary Christmas auction.  Beav will be calling for auction donation items like he has in the past.  The auction will be Friday 12/14/07 at noon.  Bring lots of cash or a full checkbook.  I think they will take credit cards again this year.  Jan Brown has promised to buy the bottle of Gallo Muscatel.
  • Hank Covell announced that there will be a crab feed dinner at Salesian high school on 1/26/07.  The cost will be $35/person and he needs attendees and helpers.  See Hank.

 Happy and Sad Dollars

  • Jan Brown recognized Tom Butt for describing to the council the good work that Rotary does for Peres School.
  • Don Lau donated some happy dollars to recognize Jim Beaver for overcoming his open heart surgery and let him know that he was happy he was at lunch today.
  • Beav gave a long and rambling talk about the latest Santana album. While we were all wondering why he was doing this he finally said his son was the album engineer.
  • Somebody donated some happy dollars to celebrate the girls John Lawlis brought to Mark Howe’s cocktail party. John said the “Professional Girls”
  • Werner Schwartz stood up and donated some money because they forgot to recognize his birthday.
  • Herb Cole had some happy sheckles to celebrate Normies birthday that was four days away.
  • David K stood up and was happy that Mr. Z was in attendance today.
  • Earl Brown didn’t sound too hopeful that Cal would beat USC – and he was right.


  • Earl Brown recognized John Nichol for his six Paul Harrises.  He was awarded a pin with six stones on it.  This latest Paul Harris was for his son in law who live in Indio.
  • Beav had to fill in the recognize Don’s birthday he couldn’t do it himself.

Werner's Roast, the star-studded Recognition event of the previous week, was gratefully acknowledged by the Man Himself, with a thank you card bearing these words:

Let me use our Club bulletin to thank all of you for the great "Roast" of Friday, November 2, 2007, on the occasion of my 80th birthday. It is an honor and pleasure to belong to an organization that includes Rotary leaders such as you. I am especially grateful to our President Pam Jones and Lea for planning, arranging, and carrying out last Friday's affair.

Raffle Results

John Nichol won the raffle but pulled a white ball. 


Police Chief MagnusRichmond Police Chief Chris Magnus spoke to us today about the happenings at RPD.

He talked the departments new magazine “RPD and you”. You can subscribe to this publication by calling 620-6655.

He also wanted us to know that the crime mapping section of the City’s website is now working and he encourages us to use it. You can go into the system and it will show you what types of crimes occur in your neighborhood.

The close circuit public camera system that is being installed should be operational in the first quarter of ’08. He believes this system will help provide leads after a crime has been committed.

His officers also know who the perpetrators of most of the crime are, they just cannot always get convictions. To overcome this problem he rcommends changing the reward system to pay people for information that leads to an arrest so as not to make them wait until a conviction has been obtained. This should provide more leads and thus stronger evidence to build good cases against the bad guys.

Another tool they are now using is greater involvement by the Department of Justice in city policing matters. The DOJ has special powers to wiretap and can work cooperatively with local officials to build strong cases against criminals. As long as gang activity is the DOJ can expend resources.

No RPD talk would be complete without a mention of the departments $10M move to new digs often referred to as the Taj Majal, away from City Center, to escape a mold problem. The move was controversial for a city constantly strapped for cash, but Chief Magnus stands behind the move and says that it will enable the City to rebuild the old Hall of Justice more efficiently. There is just one problem – they don’t have the money because they are spending too much rebuilding City Hall. Expect a long stay at the Taj Mahal.

Faithful scribe, Mark Howe.