The Flywheel

Program for DECEMBER 7th
Meet at La Strada Restaurant!

Jim Moatzorkis

Remembering Pearl Harbor

Chief Petty Officer (Ret.) Johnny Johnson was aboard the USS San Francisco in Pearl Harbor on this day in 1941. Mr. Johnson will tell us what he remembers of the day that forever changed life in the latter half of the 20th century.


Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

Pam Jones openedthe meeting today and then turned to the California Flag and led us in the pledge of allegianceHenry Kelman is not sure he is going to survive this election season and we still have one year and change left to go.   

Visiting Rotarians and Guests

We had a bunch to visitors again today. 

  • An enthusiastic French women, with a very thick accent, visited us from the San Ramon Valley Club and encouraged us to sign up for the District conference before Jan. 1 to qualify for the discount. (Way to get the details, Editor Mark!)
  • Josh Genser brought a client of his, Bob K., who is trying to establish a bio-diesel operation to Richmond – so we can all smell like French fries while our car is running.
  • Bob Connelly, the almost new manager of the very new Mechanics Bank in Point Richmond visited the club today.

Sunshine Report

  • David K. after 30 years of service to the club resigned his post as Sunshine reporter. Rumor has it that he is moving to better fishing grounds in Idaho or Montana.  He has passed the baton to his friend in the real estate business, recent new member and newlywed-“keep-your-hands-off-off-her” Bill Koziol.
  • Ren Partridge, who was caught pawing Bill Koziol’s fabulous bride at a recent get together, is now having pacemaker problems.  Connect the dots?  Anyway we wish Ren a speedy recovery.


Ren Partridge celebrated his 28th anniversary but he was not at the club to pay.

Dan Tanita has successfully reopened the dental clinic at Peres school that has over its lifetime donated $35,000 dollars worth of dental services to the children at Peres.  As you may have expected school risk control personnel forced this clinic to close for some time.  Dan you have prevailed against the fiercest enemy in our land (our school district bureaucracy).  You are our hero.


  • West County Wastewater Executive director, EJ Shalaby, announced that there will be a groundbreaking ceremony for the plants new 1MW solar system on Thursday 12/6 @ 11:00.  Please email him if you are coming.
  • David A. Brown announced that the board (aka bored) made some sizable commitments to Mark Howe’s Centennial Garden Project on the corner of Nevin and First in the amount of $8,000.  $500 also was disbursed to the Salvation Army.  He also need to replenish his purse so he wants check for Don’s Luau -- $37.50 each and $70.00 couple.
  • Don Lau’s Luau is going to be held at the Rockefeller Lodge on Saturday evening December 15 at 6:00.  The cost is $37.50 each or $70.00 for a couple.  So bring a friend.  Remember whenever Lau’s Luau is spoken you have to recite “Pam show me your coconuts”   I hear Pres Pam plans a special with her coconuts and the Luau.  Mai Tais are self serve, there will be hors d’heuvres, and there will be music and dancing.
  • Don announced the Annual Rotary Christmas auction again.  The club will be calling for auction donation items like they have in the past.  The auction will be Friday 12/14/07 at noon.  Bring lots of cash or a full checkbook or a credit card with a low balance.  I think they will take credit cards again this year.  Jan Brown has promised to buy the bottle of Gallo Muscatel.
  • Hank Covell announced that there will be a crab feed dinner at Salesian high school on Saturday 1/26/07.  The cost will be $35/person.  Buy a table says Hank – Earl and George are buying a table each.  It is a good time to pay back you business associates or serve the crabs marinated in diesel fuel to extract revenge as Josh suggested you do. See Hank.
  • John Nicol again blew the train Whistle and reminded everybody that the train trip is coming up.  The $275 fee includes hotel and more booze than you can drink on the way up.  He needs the money by this Tuesday which is today.  Oops, I forgot too. 

 Happy and Sad Dollars

  • Josh Genser scientifically plotted the demise of the Great Cal team to demonstrate that Stanford will roll over the Cal losers and so today on the eve of the Big Game rivalry between Stanford and Cal many stories were heard.
  • Don Lau donated $5 toward the Peres dentistry clinic the has been recently resurrected.
  • Jim Young donated a C note to the club after Zeb, his oldest son, passed the bar exam.
  • Werner donated a Virgin Islands plaque to Pres Pam.
  • Tom Waller announced the Richmond Art Center annual auction will occur on the Sunday 12/1/07.
  • Herb has several dollars for the club to let everyone know that he is taking is 14 year old granddaughter to New York to show her the world.

Raffle Results

$613 dollars was in pot today but Margaret M. pulled a white ball. 


Police Chief MagnusAn evening on the California Mexican border

Colonel Jerry Shumacher the author of an upcoming book narrated the nightly dance that occurs between the border patrol, drug smugglers, illegal immigrants led by unscrupulous Coyotes and a motley crew of other danger junkies along the 1,800 mile long our largely indefensible border with Mexico at hundreds of border stations.  Oh did I mention the Jerry is one of the danger Junkies.

With a machine gun fire delivery Colonel Schumacher keep the audience glued to their seats anticipating the next boder drama to be told.  Afterwards Rotarians ran from the Club certain the border patrol was chasing them.

Some facts: 

  • There is no place on earth where there is an 1,800 mile long border that separates a third world nation from a developed one.
  • Immigrants start to form at the border crossing trails as early a 4PM every evening, then wave of teams attack the border a one hour intervals all night long.
  • Border patrol buses full of illegals are headed back to Mexico when the next wave of immigrants hits the trail. This routine goes on all night long every night of the week.  Most get through.
  • Coyotes charge around $1,500 for a typical crossing and feed the illegal Ephedrine is speed the journey across the vast wilderness trek that kills ever greater numbers of Mexican immigrants every year.
  • 30% of folks who make this journey get arrested nightly, and the rest make it into the US to work in work low-paid jobs at restaurants, construction and agriculture.

I you ever get a chance to see Jerry live DO IT!   

Faithful scribe, Mark Howe.