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Program for DECEMBER 14th

Jim Moatzorkis

Holiday Auction

You already know that the Annnual Holiday Auction is Richmond Rotary's main fundraiser. But newcomers might not realize that it's also our main funraiser too.

This is an event you cannot miss. Come bring friends, bring money, bring your good humor.

MEETING OF December 7th, 2007

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

Pam Jones openedthe meeting today at La Strada.  She then turned to the correct flag and led us in the pledge of allegiance

Although our fabulous Mira Vista view was missing so was the mystery meat—thank god.  The food is soooo much better at La Strada ! 

A table to the rear of mine occupied by Messrs: John Lawliss, John Nichol, Earl Brown, Henry Kelman, Glenn Daggs and for a time even good girl Leslie Levy, was occupied early today and partook in some early holiday spirit  – that certainly appeared to be the case if the volume at the table was any indication.   

Henry Kelman reminded us on “this day of infamy” that FDR, after the attack on Pearl Harbor, at last had enough political support to enter WWII, which loosened the grip of the depression that had plagued the country for nearly a decade.   

Visiting Rotarians and Guests

Mark Howe brought his friend, Jack Mason, the owner of Amigo Environmental, to lunch today.  Jack went on to win the raffle.

  • Capt Stanley E. Ellexson was guest of the speaker and a fellow navy man.

Sunshine Report

  • David K. is indeed moving to Montan— I checked —and in two weeks, believe it or not.
  • Bill Koziol prepared a card for the Cal Bears who have been in a truly profound funk recently.  Elof Grandberg was present today and Charlie Wong didn’t feel up to making it to lunch.


Leslie Levy, after spending some time at the Holiday Spirit table, conducted recognitions today in a compromised state – but she did fine – a little more cheer though would certainly have done her in.

  • The club sang Happy B Day to Rhonda Harris, who after a long recovery period, was back at the club today. She generously donated $200 to the club.
  • Leigh Johnson a local attorney and relatively new member celebrated her Birth Day today.
  • Tom Butt also was recognized for his long service to the club.
  • John Troughton AKA Mr. Richmond, who is rarely seen at the club, was in attendance in his pajamas to celebrate his November 11, B-Day.


  • Don Lau’s Luau is going to be held at the Rockefeller Lodge on Saturday evening December 15 at 6:00.  The cost is $37.50 each or $70.00 for a couple.  Send your checks to DAB.  There will be a self serve Ma Tai Bar.  One of the girls at Dan Tanita’s office will perform a dance with Pres Pam’s Coconuts.  The music will be Hawaiian.  There will also be Po Po’s, don’t worry, po po’s in Hawaiian mean Food.  Wear your Hawaiian shirt. 
  • Don and the Beav announced the Annual Rotary Christmas auction again.  We have many items. Bid generously and often.  Bring friends and enjoy yourself.  The auction will be next Friday 12/14/07 at noon. Glenn Dagg’s famous Egg Nog bar will be open and Sid will be competing with a second rate productat the adjacent table – according to Glenn.   I think they will take credit cards again this year.  Jan Brown has promised to buy the bottle of Gallo Muscatel.
  • John Nicol again blew the train Whistle and reminded everybody that the train trip is 1/13-1/14. The $300 fee includes hotel and more booze and food than you can drink or eat while riding on a train.  He needed the money by last Tuesday.  This is the 5th year in a row that he has told us “this will be the last train trip” -- we shall see about that.

Happy and Sad Dollars

  • Mark Howe purchased $40 a Gag Order from the presiding judge in attendance David Brown for $40 to prevent Josh from gloating about the Big Game failure of that “what’s it name” school in Berkeley.  Of course Josh took the money and proceeded to talk about the reds shirts in the audience and how they where recognition of his Palo Alto Alma Mater’s superiority.
  • Hank Covell read a letter from a boy asking for $40 to buy something that he wanted instead of what Santa would bring.  Earl wrote it as a child he says.
  • Monique Le Conge donated a few bucks to let us know that she was elected President of the California Library Association.
  • Paul Allen’s daughter turned 5 today and he gave the club a few treats to let us know about this.
  • Jan Brown donated some coins to let us know that she was happy that Mark Howe was the scribe even though he often makes stuff up about people so that they will read what is otherwise a boring publication.

Raffle Results

The raffle had $120 in the pot and Mark’s guest, Jack, won the raffle.



Police Chief MagnusRemembering Pearl Harbor

Chief Petty Officer (Ret) Johnny Johnson spoke to us today about what it was like in Pearl Harbor.  In 1941 Johnny was a young kid but he says he did see very much of the battle because his ship escaped “The San Francisco” escaped once they understood they were under attack.

A friend of his was asleep on one of the battle ship that turned over and only the skinny guys could fit through the small porthole to safety.  His friend was so shaken that it took months to get this story from him.  Those that didn’t fit through the porthole drowned.

It was his feeling that WWII could have been won very easily by the enemy; they were better armed, more prepared, more ruthless and that it was God who decided that the free world should win. It also helped that America could build military equipment faster that it was destroyed.

Johnny also participated in the Battle of Guadalcanal where 13 Japanese warships and 14 American warships raced around in the middle of the night without their lights on shooting at each other until a ship caught fire.  Once it was visible it was fired upon until it sunk.

Abandoned men in the water were eaten by sharks or run over by the remaining ships attacking each other.

“War is hell,” he says.

Faithful scribe, Mark Howe.