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Program for DECEMBER 21st

Dr. Jeffrey Ritterman

A Doctor's View of Iraq

Dr. Jeffrey Ritterman returns to the Rotary to tell us what he learned from his visit to Iraq, and what lessons it carries for us.

MEETING OF December 14th, 2007

Don at auctionWelcome, Invocation, and...
a Thought Lost in the Clamor

Ho, Ho, Ho, It’s the Richmond Rotary Holiday Auction!  Prez Pam rang the bell and got Red Badger to lead the Pledge of Allegiance, which included the Flag, in the right place, but I arrived late and from my location behind a pillar could not see our Pledge leaders.  Stony Stonework asked the crowd for a moment of silence and memory for Club Member Loren Straughn who passed away and whose memorial service preceded the auction this morning.  Henry’s Kelman dutifully provided a thought for the day but it was overwhelmed in the rising good cheer of the crowd. 

My, we had guests and visiting Rotarians, as the MVCC Ball Room was full.  Fashionably late arrivers like Rich Brandes and David K. had to sit under the Christmas Tree at the south end of the room.  The tables were jammed with auction items galore and one Jim “The Beav” Beaver and Don “luau” Lau were tearing out what hair they have left (ably assisted David “acumen” Brown Esq. and Margaret “almost never flustered” Morkowski) were converting the chaos of plenty into an organized list that could be auctioned and converted into the stuff of Rotary’s good works.

Sunshine Report

It was a beautiful sunshiny day made all the brighter with liberal pourings of Glenn Dagg’s secret egg nog, dutifully served by a well turned out staff from OSS International.  While this year’s egg nog held up Glenn’s commitment to “the best” egg nog, it was served in three different strengths, pansy, Rotary normal & “Hot”.

Recognizing again that Bill “K” is taking over Sunshine Report responsibilities from David “K”, we want to correct some unnecessarily creative information from last weeks Flywheel, i.e. David K is not moving to Montana.  In his own words David K said, “I am retiring in January, but I’m not going anywhere, except for fishing for six months”.  David then used a rather detailed napkin map of the pacific Northwest to show why it would take him six moths a year to go fishing.  Thanks again to Bill K for bring a new perspective to the Sunshine Report, including the most important attribute, having a last name that starts with “K”.

Announcements  & Recognitions & Happy and Sad Dollars & Raffle Results

…were dispensed with as the level of good cheer and anticipation drove the meeting relentlessly onward toward the organized chaos otherwise known as the Richmond Rotary Annual…


Holiday Auction

Glenn Daggs and friends
Glenn Daggs and friends, official winners of the 2007 Eggnog Contest.

Besides the legendary Bottle of Muscatel this years auction included 100,000 frequent flyer miles to anywhere, a violin, sailing lessons with a spinnaker run from outside the Golden Gate, rings and things and buttons and bows, fishing get-a-ways, art, cookies to make you fat, YMCA memberships to bring you back, the romantic East Brothers, enough gourmet dinners to feed a Napoleonic Army & golf at the MVCC, just to mention a few.  You really had to be there to enjoy the chaos and camaraderie but here’s a very short list of some of the results:

  • Jerry Feagley got the 100,000 air miles for $1,550.
  • April’s cookies & candy were snapped up for $50.
  • I didn’t hear Doreen’s cookies sell, but I got a couple thanks to Michael Gill.
  • Barbara M. got a sterling silver plate for $400.
  • Josh Genser got a Citrine & diamond ring for $200, easily worth $1,000 at The Shane Co.
  • Aspiring musician Jon Lawlis got the violin for $300.
  • Bill K. bought the Rotary wine.
  • Troy Petty got the golf foursome for a mere $275.
  • We saw Cory “The Kid” Lawrence and I think he got something for his lovely wife, but I’m not sure.
  • Josh G. must be working up to something as he also got the romantic weekend at the East Brother’s.

We have to note that the legendary Bottle of Muscatel was purchased by designated buyer Jan Brown, who represented a consortium of Lady Rotarians working to correct the apparent fact that, “…there are no female names on the bottle..”  A creative solution to a historic injustice, now corrected, for $500.

According to David Brown this all added up to something north of $14,000 and a good time was had by all!  A big Rotary thank you to all you donated and participated in the auction and especially to Jim “the Beav” Beaver and Don “Luau” Lau  & Co. for your legendary execution of organized chaos.


Editor’s Note:

We will be meeting each Friday during the Holiday’s as Xmas and New Year’s falls on a Tuesday. Mark you calendars for the first new year meeting January 4th as Sunne McPeak will kick the year with “The Delta In Crisis”, something we better consider unless we want a Katrina Event in our own backyard.

If any of the auction reporting is inaccurate, well, too bad.  I was drinkin’ the “Hot”.

Your Rotating Editor, Jim Young