The Flywheel

Program for January 25th

The Snows of Kilimanjaro

Map of Kilimanjaro

"Kilimanjaro Joe," aka Dr. Joseph Serra, will talk about his three ascents of Mt. Kilimanjaro. (We've all heard of it but did you know exactly where it is?)

Dr. Joe's slide show will help us more sedentary folk experience some of the ‘ups and downs of Mt. Kilimanjaro.' Our speaker will also have some comments about the progress of Polio Plus.

Should be worth the trip up the hill to the Country Club.



MEETING OF January 18, 2008

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

Glenn asked for a moment of silence for Peace, Freedom and Justice.

Apparently, without Henry, we are incapable of having profound thoughts.

Rotarians with Guests

Mark Howe brought Mike Sullivan of Professional Finishing.

Sunshine Report

Bill K reported that he hadn’t heard from or about Charlie, and that he was happy that Elof was present.  Bill was also happy that former Sunshine Chair, David K, got out of his bathrobe and slippers to come to the meeting.


  • David Brown announced that the club has donated $2,500 to the YMCA for all sorts of worthy endeavors.
  • David also announced that the cost of lunch has increased by $2.42, each, and that the Board of Directors will decide how much of that to pass on to the members. 
  • Hank Covell reminded us to pay for the January 26 Crab Feed.  There will be a raffle of 50% of the raffle ticket purchases, so buy a lot of tickets.
  • Hank also reminded us of the January 24 Pinole Rotary dinner honoring Jon Lawlis.  32 Richmond Rotarians are already signed up.

Special Events

Glenn did his best Werner imitation, although we could understand Glenn’s words, and inducted Josh Surowitz into the Club and onto the Peres School Committee.  Welcome, Josh!


Don Lau subbed in for Margaret, but, just like Margaret for the past two weeks, he had not received any information about birthdays and anniversaries and club membership anniversaries, so he asked for volunteers.  No takers.

Happy and Sad Dollars

  • Leslie was happy that her son proposed to his girlfriend.
  • David K was happy to have bathed and shaved and that he was taking his nephew sturgeon fishing.
  • David Brown was happy because, in Reno, he watched Leigh Johnson throw craps for 20 minutes and made about $300.  She got an ovation when she finished.
  • Bart was sad that he was still working in Los Angeles. (Is it the “still working” part or the “in Los Angeles” part about which you were sad, Bart?)  But, he was happy that his Amanda is serving as Third Mate on a Chevron tanker ship.
  • Jan Brown was happy about the Reno trip and that her son has a stable job.
  • Don Lau was happy about the train trip.
  • Jim Young was happy that the City of Richmond is paving Barrett and that his son proposed to his girlfriend.
  • Hank Covell was happy that 39 tables were filled at some event, and he had a story about the difficulties he had getting through security so he could get a one-day liquor license for the event.
  • Judy was happy that, of $10 she gave Margaret to gable with in Reno, she got back $7.25, which she donated to the Club.

Raffle Results

Alan Baer drew a white ball.



Contra Costa College President, McKinley Williams

McKinley Williams Jim Young introduced Bob Dabney who introduced our speaker, McKinley Williams, President of Contra Costa College.  CCC is one of the finest community colleges in the nation.  It has a very diverse student body, of whom 65% are women.  Its biggest department is English as a Second Language.  It offers a curriculum that is identical to the first two years at Cal, but less expensive. 

The college is the beneficiary of two facilities bond measures that have passed, leading to construction of new buildings, wiring of classrooms for new media, seismic retrofits of old buildings, and solar energy.  Contra Costa college is unique because:

  • It has a student newspaper that has won awards for seventeen straight years.
  • It has a high school, Middle College, which is one of the best high schools in the State, from which students can graduate as Juniors in college.
  • Its speech team took top honors nationally, and many on the team were Middle College High School students.
  • The nursing school graduated 86 people, of whom 83 passed, on the first try, the test to become a nurse.
  • It has one of the few programs in Montessori Early Childhood Education.
  • It has one of the few program in High Performance Computing, which is tying many desktop computers together to imitate supercomputers.
  • The award-winning Culinary Arts Program runs a restaurant on campus.
  • The Center for Science Excellence transfers almost all of its graduates to four-year colleges, and it won a Presidential award for Excellence.

- Rotating Editor, Josh Genser.