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Program for February 1st

The Latina Center

Map of Kilimanjaro

Latina Center Executive Director, Miriam Wong, will describe the origin, evolution and current services provided to the West County Hispanic community.

Learn more about the Latina Center.



MEETING OF January 25, 2008

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

Stoney asked for a moment of silence for Peace, Freedom and Justice.

Henry was happy that a week from Tuesday the Presidential election campaign madness would be over, except for the general election following immediately.

Rotarians with Guests

Mark Howe brought Ryan and Eric Davidson of Lee & Associates.

Rafael C brought his son, Richard.

Bill K brought his fiancé, Kirsten, his sister, Nelly, and his soon-to-be nephew.

Syd brought his wife.

Jim Y introduced Dorothy Sana, the wife of today’s speaker and an honorary member of the Stockton Club.

Pam had a guest but I didn’t catch the name.

Sunshine Report

Bill K reported nothing but blue skies (figuratively).


  • Erle reminded us about tomorrow’s crab feed.

Special Events

Glenn gave Leigh her blue badge. Way to go Leigh!


Margaret finally had a list of birthdays and anniversaries and club membership anniversaries.  She recognized:

  • David Brown who had a birthday January 21.
  • George Egan who had a birthday January 22, and who qualified for social security.
  • John Nicol who had a birthday 1/24, his 85th!
  • Troy had a club membership anniversary.
  • Mario had a wedding anniversary.

Happy and Sad Dollars

  • Tom Waller was happy about the Pinole Rotary dinner last night and the cute photo they showed of Jon Lawlis.
  • Syd was also happy about the Pinole Rotary dinner, that his wife was with him and that Etta James is 70 years old.
  • Herb was happy that they had a good time in Mexico, passing out wheelchairs and delivering medical equipment, and got great 10-gallon hats, but sad that Jon was not wearing his.
  • Werner was sad because he was going senile and couldn’t remember why he was sad… No, he worried about senility because his son has the same birthday as John Nicol and he got their birthday cards mixed up.
  • Jim Y was also happy about the Pinole dinner and Lawlis’ award, and that he convinced his new employer, Wells Fargo, to sponsor the crab feed to the tune of $1,000.
  • Rafael C was teary-eyed because he was presented with his Paul Harris in Mexico in a surprise ceremony, and it was his first, ever, medal.
  • Jon L was happy for the Pinole dinner and sad that he was injured in Mexico.
  • Stoney was happy that, on his visit to Chicago, he celebrated 40 years of McDonalds franchises with a diverse population of operators.
  • Leigh was happy that she became a grandmother in December, and for the fun she had on the Reno trip.
  • Herb was happy that Rafael C was such a good partier in Mexico.

Raffle Results

Mark’s guest, Ryan drew the orange ball.


map of Mt. KilimanjaroDr. Joseph Serra told us about one of his trips to Africa to climb Mount Kiliminjaro.  First, though, he told us that the Gates Foundation had made a matching grant to the Rotary Foundation of $100 million to pay for polio eradication.  Expect to get hit up for contributions to raise the matching funds.

Rotating editor, Josh Genser