The Flywheel

Program for February 8th

Win Friends and Influence People

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Here's your chance to dazzle your friends with your wit, insight and special effects.

Yes, fellow Rotarians, it's Open Mike. It's this Friday. And it's you! (Well, mostly it's them but we're working up to something here. Stay with me.)

Got a good story, an observation worth sharing? (Werner, don't take this too seriously.) Well, here's a rare chance to speak without having to pay for, what in any other circumstance, is known as free speech.

Open Mike. Fun. Be there.



MEETING OF February 1ST, 2008

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

Glenn asked for a moment of silence for Peace, Freedom and Justice. Herb Cole substituted for Henry with a thought for the day.

Visitng Rotarians

Rotarian Mark Delventhel was visiting from the Piedmont/Montclair club and he introduced Miriam Wong and two of her employees from the Latina Center.

Rotarians with Guests

Rotarian Bob Miller was visiting from Richmond North—the Folsom club—and he praised John Nicol for all the work he has done for Rotarians over the 40+ years on the annual Rotary Reno Train Trip.

Werner Schwarz brought his first wife, Lea. Erle “of” Brown brought his wife, Phyllis. Mark Howe introduced John Castro/Bob Connelly.

And Prez Pam Jones introduced Lt. Enos Johnson, of the Richmond Police Department, for the last time before he received his red badge.

Sunshine Report

Bill K reported no news is good news. (Second week in a row for this same report. Are we paying this guy too much?)


Crab Feed table

Girl leaping among rocks
  • Treasurer, David Brown announced that the club netted $3,500.00 profit from the first annual Crab Feed.
  • The membership director of the Mira Vista Country Club visited us and gave our golf playing members a complimentary round of golf.
  • Last year Richmond Rotary contributed to the Escape Club—a program that helps Adams middle schoolers visit some of the outstanding park and wilderness locations in northern California. The outings were documented in a wonderful set of pictures. See a few of them on our Projects page.



Special Events

Enos Johnson

Richmond Police Lt. Enos Johnson became our newest member. Glenn inducted Enos and gave him his red badge. Prez Pam presented him with the Rotary pin and a kiss. Welcome Enos!

EJ Shalaby announced the party of the month, The Beer Dinner at the Hotel Mac, Tuesday, February 19, 2008, $55.00 and circulated a signup sheet. See EJ to sign up.

  • David Brown who had a birthday January 21.
  • George Egan who had a birthday January 22, and who qualified for social security.
  • John Nicol who had a birthday 1/24, his 85th!
  • Troy had a club membership anniversary.
  • Mario had a wedding anniversary.


No one admitted responsibility for Recognitions, so Prez Pam had to pinch hit. Then, no one admitted having a birthday or anniversary. However, we will find you and you will be recognized.

Happy and Sad Dollars

  • Jerry Feagley was happy that his son started working at Brickyard Marina
  • Jim Young was  happy about the $1,000.00 donation from Wells Fargo for the crab feed and delivered the check
  • Jon Lawlis was happy that Mark Howe overpaid him by $10.00 and donated the money back to the club (Mark didn’t look so happy)
  • Erle Brown was happy to go on a one month vacation to Mexico and mentioned that one of our fellow Rotarians (no names please) would be vacationing with him for one week
  • David Brown (no relation to Erle Brown) then stood to offer happy dollars that he was also going on a one week vacation to Mexico and would be helping Erle drink his Scotch

Raffle Results

After filling out 1000s of raffle tickets week after week, with his name on it, Sid finally won the right to draw out a ball.  White ball, better luck next time Sid. 


Miriam Wong

Miriam Wong from the Latina Center showed several videos concerning the great impact the Latina Center has had on our community and the impact the center has helping women who suffer from domestic violence. 

Some of the other services offered by the Center include assistance during personal and financial crises and employment assistance.  The Center opened in 1999 and has an annual operating budget of $176,000.00.  The Center receives no government funding.

Rotating editor, George Egan