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Program for February 15th

The Secret Power of Teamwork

Map of Kilimanjaro

This week's speaker, Dr. Victor Bogart. Ph.D., has a half-century of experience as a journalist, psychotherapist, teacher, and author of non-fiction self-help books. Dr. Bogart has mined that experience to develop an approach to problem-solving and personal fulfillment known as the Odyssey System.

Dr. Bogart will discuss how to master the secret power of teamwork.




MEETING OF February 8th, 2008

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

No invocation as per Pam. Red-badger Josh Surowitz led the pledge. Henry offered this timely definition: ďA recession is when your neighbor is out of work. A depression is when you are out of work


  • Contact EJ Shalaby for tickets to the Beer Dinner at the Hotel Mac, February 19th. Tickets are $55/person.
  • John Nicol provided several free hats from the Reno trip. Sid collected a $5 contribution for his personal welfare fund for each hat recipient he could con into buying one.
  • Peres School needs volunteer readers. Contact Pam for time and date and minimum reading ability level required for volunteers.
  • Jan is leading the Board of Director's Funds Request & Review Subcommittee. The group meets at 11:45 before the regular meeting on February 15th. Anyone interested is invited to attend.

Happy and Sad Dollars

Jim Beaver was glad his old friend Cheryl is speaking to our group today.

Judy Kafka was happy her husband's 84th birthday has arrived and that he's put up with her for 17 years. (Flywheel scribe George is not sure the 17 years is correct.)

Leslie Levy had happy dollars for her sonís safe arrival in New Zealand.

Cheryl also said it with dollars: she's happy to be today's speaker and assured the crowd that the absence of no-show Don Lau will have no effect on the program.

Werner offered up some happy dollars because he recently received radioactive treatment and is glowing all over, and—not as off-handedly as this announcement's trailing position in this sentence might suggest—he is cancer free.

Herb tossed in a few more happy bucks because Jon Lawliss is in Hawaii having a good time at the Pro Bowl. Nevertheless, Jon's name doesn't get bold text.

Raffle Results

Monique pulled the white ball, and since the winnings for pulling the orange ball would have been less than the value of the free lunch she got for a white ball, she was happy to be "unlucky".


Miriam Wong

Building Blocks for Kids

The Building Blocks for Kids Collaborative, administered by Opportunity West and the West County YMCA, is comprised of 14 non-profit agencies, 6 government departments, 5 elected officials, 1 health services company, and a non-profit foundation.

The Building Blocks program serves the youth of the Peres School service area of the Iron Triangle. This is a 10-year old project to improve the quality of life for the underserved children of the Iron Triangle. These children, pre-school to high school, are provided the health, educational, nutritional and guidance services often absent in their biological families.

Richmond Rotarians should be proud of the contributions we have made to the success of this program. We thank Cheryl for her commitment to the challenging work of breaking the cycle of poverty and hopelessness faced by so many in the Iron Triangle.

Rotating editor, George Egan