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Program for friDAY May 23th

Health Care Savings Accounts

Solar panel installation
"OK, just point to where it hurts."

Erika James, founder of Full Circle Insurance, Martinez, visits Richmond Rotary to discuss health savings accounts (HSAs), a relatively new option for business owners to use in their financial and personal health care planning.

This program is offered as information, without any warranty or endorsement.

MEETING OF May 16th, 2008

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

Stony offered the invocation and Red Badger April lead the Pledge of Allegiance. Continuing on the note of civic duty, this week's editor, George, noted that he could be here only because he'd escaped jury duty. Rough justice.

Henry's Thought for the Day was a pleasant one: he was in a good mood because he brought his wife to lunch to today. Sweet.

Rotarians with Guests

Roy Swearingen, Pinole’s fearless city council person, was a guest of John Nicol. Herb Cole brought Allen Blevens, originally from England. And Mark Howe brought Mickey, whose last name we can't spell correctly (sorry) and therefore won't even try.

Sunshine Report

Bill K reported that Charley and Elof will be back soon. David K showed up in Bill's office just to tell him he wasn't really there but instead was fishing in Montana (or Wyoming or somewhere where the skies are bigger than Richmond's, whatever that means).


  • John presented Nick with an award to Richmond Rotary for Best Web Site in Rotary District 5160. Nick acted like he knew he was good. [Thanks, George— I think. But what I really felt was surprise. Also anxious that everyone understood that the weekly formatting this web page is only part of the job. Writing the Flywheel notes is the other part, and that's done by a half-dozen other folks in the Club. So the award is really a shared honor. -Nick]
  • Richmond Rotary donated two scholarships to Richmond schools, of $1500 each. One was awarded to Richmond Rotary's Interact Club at Salesian High School. The other scholarship went to the Teen Moms program.
  • Mark announced his plan to initiate a guns buy-back project in Richmond. He invites any members interested in the project to contact him. So far the project has the support of many Rotarians, as well as Chief Magnus, City Manager Lindsay, and many city council members. Mark has donated $5,000 as seed money for project.
  • Unrelated to the above, Mark also announced that he is inviting members to join him as guests on his gunboat (Only kidding. The invitation is real but it's a sailboat. A nice, safe sailboat.)
  • EJ Shalaby announced a tequila party at Hotel Mack. Only serious people need attend. [?]

Happy and Sad Dollars

Judy was very happy about the crime reduction in Richmond.

Assembly candidate Tony Thurmond was happy that 50 people walked precincts for him. He also thanked Josh G. for hosting the house party for Beyond Emancipation, and Nick for his work on the BE's website. (Tony is the Executive Director of Beyond Emancipation, dedicated to helping young people make successful transitions from the foster care system into independent adulthood.)

Bill K gave $20 to announce a good honeymoon in Hawaii.

Erle said Ted Smith, who we haven't seen in ages, is alive and well. We're all happy.


Don Lau had lots of folks to call on so excuse us if we missed some.

Don recognized Bill W and Nick for birthdays and anniversaries— both happy we think.

The United Nations arranged transportation for Lillian stuck at wrong end of Madagascar. (The recognition must go to the UN, we reckon, for recognizing Lillian.)

Hank Covell will run the Bay to Breakers for the 115th time. [How is that possible? Typos corrected at no charge so let us know. -Nick]

David Brown declared that May 28th is a very special day in his life. Both he and his wife were married and graduated from law school on this day.

George Egan stated he was "born again" 40 years ago this May when, after a fender bender, his heart stopped. At the hospital George was "jump-started back to life" and now plans to retire when he is, by the count of years since the reboot, 50 years old.

Ted went to Wisconsin and helped his grandchild cut school. Unfortunately Ted and the kid were busted by a teacher they bumped into while playing hooky. Way to set an example, grandpa.

Mark Howe rode a bicycle to Rotary last Thursday, a Spare-the-Air Day, and he is one proud senior citizen. [Mark, talk to George abouty that heart-restart business.]

Raffle Results

Someone drew one white ball among many.


Energy Efficiency for Commercial Buildings

Linda Chandler

Charlie Geis of TNT Solar presented a program and how to save energy by the use of more efficient lighting systems. Good news to all those who use light.

After a jillion questions demonstrating our group’s interest we adjourned five minutes late.

-Your Rotating Editor, George Egan.