The Flywheel

Program for friDAY JULY 11Th

A Musical Tribute to Independence

The Singing Blue Star Moms of the USS Hornet, visit Richmond Rotary to celebrate the secret weapon that really won WWII— the music.

The Blue Star Moms are an Andrews Sisters Tribute Group who also raise awareness of and support for the soldiers and families of soldiers currently in harm's way.


MEETING OF June 27th, 2008


Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

“Big Wheel spin and spin, Little Wheel turn ’round and ‘round.”
And with that President Pam’s last official duty for this Rotary Year was to ring the bell and call the meeting to order on her own Demotion.  Raphael Madrigal lead the Pledge of Allegiance and Stony Stonework lead the invocation. Henry Kelman, quizzically asked if we were really trading a year of looking at Mark Howe for the gorgeous, buxom, blond about to leave the podium for a well earned rest in London?  We all know where Henry’s allegiance are, tough coconuts Mark!

Visiting Rotarians

Mark Noibin, visiting the Richmond Country Club with Josh Genser came along to Rotary (from Wisconsin) and allowed as how he would be moving to the area and might join Richmond Rotary.

Rotarians with Guests

Charlie Fender introduced his wife Clavel mentioning that they are celebrating their 66thwedding anniversary.
Jon Lawlis introduced his son Nick who is no stranger to Rotary.  (We observe that with the newly toned-up and svelt Lawlis duo preparing for an ascent of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the Club risks the loss of three members.)

Sunshine Report

“Bill K.” Koziol said that the club is in pretty good shape except for Barbara M. who is still smarting from shoulder surgery, but not too much to miss the Demotion, as Barb smiled stoically to the crowd.


Jan Brown on behalf of Rhonda Harris and the Teen Moms Program thank the club for its support of the Moms.

Jim & Linda Young, Susan & Mark Howe

Jim Young reported on the Rotary International Convention in Los Angeles—an international celebration of Rotary and proof that it is a genuine international organization.

Incoming Rotary International President D. K. Lee, from South Korea, introduced his program year under the slogan, “Make Dreams Real”. DK Lee used the convention energy to encourage continuing strong Rotary efforts, locally and internationally, to promote the health of children, especially eliminating preventable diseases, providing clean water and promoting literacy.  DK Lee used the full weight of his office to implore Rotarians to complete the Polio Plus Goal and eliminate polio from the Earth. 

Polio Plus exhibit at L.A. Convention

Keynote speaker Dr. Margaret Chan, Secretary General of the World Health Organization, underscored the President's speech. She announced she was putting the elimination of polio, now found only in northern Nigeria and Udder Pradesh India on “emergency status”, throwing all the resources of WHO into polio eradiation. 

DK Lee encouraged Rotary at all levels to consider joint projects with other like-minded organizations.  Pointing to the Gates Foundation $100MM matching grant for Polio Plus , Lee encouraged Rotarians to seek opportunities to increase our effectiveness. Jim Young sees this encouragement as a major departure from Rotary’s “go it alone” tendency. 

The convention was a lot of fun: Hollywood Bowl, almost no smog, “new’ downtown L.A.. But it was also an opportunity missed for our Club: given the proximity, we should have encouraged many more members to attend.  (For more information about D. K. Lee see the article in this month’s Rotarian.)

Treasurer David Brown announced a Club contribution of $5,000, which was matched by the Rotary Foundation, generating a $25,000 grant for hospital supplies to Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar.

Norm Foley made a $200 donation to the club and provided the message that he’s getting around and Bonnie is much better.


Soon-to-beX-Prez Pam recognized her Board of Directors with handsome Rotary Clock-Photo Frames, no doubt so the continuing members will be more prompt to Mark Howe Board meetings. For a listing of those former Boarders, check out a back issue of “The Flywheel”. George Egan was heard to ask if the girl in the clock picture frame is also part of the gift.

Raffle Results

Judy Morgan won the raffle and got a free lunch.


Building a Strong Financial Foundation

The Pam Demotion & Roast started with a Don “the Minahune” Lau, Don Ho, inspired tribute to Pam’s weekly glass of Champaign.  Entitled “Tiny Bubbles”, the Minahune ripped off Don Ho’s “Pearly Shells” with rather clever lyrics about the occasionally observed effects of the Tiny Bubbles on Pam’s deminer and otherwise fair complexion.  Unfortunately, Richmond Rotary is not a “singing Rotary”, so those unfamiliar with one of the most heard songs in Hawaii, probably didn’t get it.

Things then really started going down hill when Swampy “the Sleez” Baggs from the “National Enquirer” showed up to ask the question, “What is she trying to hide! (Dah, dah, dah, dah!). ‘Swampy” proceeded to use the best photo journalism techniques used by the National Enquirer to suggest that, very possibly maybe, Pam might really by on the lamb and could possibly be the true Lora Bobbitt and the driving force behind the ‘I Love Lucy Show’.  Your Editor notes you had to have been there.

Continuing down the slippery slope of reconstructing Pam’s past, Josh ‘Goody Two Shoes’ Surowitz, continued the exposé with, “…just the facts, M’am”.  Noting that the Virginia Chamber of Commerce’s slogan is, “Virginia Is For Lovers”, Josh reported that:

    "Pam was born in Floyd Virginia, population 423. She went on to...
  • Become a baton twirler in high School.
  • Win the Miss Virginia Beauty Pageant (we were a little vague on just when).
  • Study at Virginia Tech, home of the Hokies.
  • Dye her hair brown for 30 years, feeding the speculation of Swampy ‘the Sleez’ Baggs.
  • Actually competed as a timed runner in the Bay to Breakers. Again we were a little vague on dates.”

X-Prez and current Secretary Jon Lawlis was clearly feeling sorry for Pam so he jumped in with a long list of accomplishments of Pam’s administration.  Noting that Pam has not started any wars and left a surplus in the club treasury, Jon spent about five minutes reading a list of programs successfully run during Pam’s year. A partial list of these program can be seen in this website, under the 'Programs’ tab. 

Jon concluded by praising Pam’s emphasis of club fellowship including the New Member Socials,  wine and other libation tasting dinners at the Hotel Mac, and a very large number of poker parties.  The list could and did go on, but we will end it here saying, CONGRATULATIONS PAM JONES ON A VERY SUCCESSFUL ROTARY YEAR.  ENJOY LONDON!

- Rotating Editor, Jim Young.