The Flywheel

Program for August 29Th, 2008

All Things Extremely Small

Dr. Thomas Durden of the Berkeley Lawrence Laboratory visits Richmond Rotary to discuss modern electron microscope science. Dr. Durden's machine is used to image atoms.  The program will be a non-technical discussion of science’s ultra small frontier. 

The image at right shows the arrangement of atoms formed where two gold crystals meet.
(Courtesy of DOE's National Center for Electron Microscopy.)

There will be no test after the program. 

MEETING OF August 22nd, 2008

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

On this bright, sunny day in Richmond the meeting was called to order by Prez. Marvelous Mark Howe. The Prez asked visitor Lisa Hirschhorn to lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance. ERLE BROWN, Joker for the Day, told a joke of roaming hands, great anticipation and lost remotes.

Visiting Rotarians

Werner introduced visiting Rotarians Erna Stevenson, past District Governor with classification Building Trades, and George Shanks, classification Wine Maker.

Sunshine Report

In a brief Sunshine Report, we were told that ELOF GRANBERG was doing better.


  • Richmond Rotary Night at the A’s will be September 19 @ 7:05pm.  Contact Rafael Madrigal for tickets ($30/person).  All you can eat…and Fireworks!!!
  • Rotary Peace Project Meeting will be Wednesday 8/27 at Opportunity West (Nevin Community Center) @ 8:00am
  • Erle, Herb and Mark will be attending District 5160 Foundation Seminar on Saturday 8/23 in Fairfield
  • Rotary Board Meeting (Red Badgers…who needs to still do this?) Thursday, 8/28 at Mira Vista at 12noon.
  • Treasurer David Brown reminded all that have not done so to please pay your Rotary Annual Dues or…

Happy and Sad Dollars

WebMaster Nick was sad that a reminder that the Flywheel was ready for viewing was not sent. Herb COLE was sad to miss 2 weeks, but happy that he will be with his grandchildren in Virginia; Jim Young announced that the Program for October 3 will be the East Bay Center for the Performing Arts a well established and important part of our part of our local culture…also talk to him if you are interested in Swing Dance Lessons.

Happy Hank Covell noted that Doreen’s birthday was tomorrow and “Give Someone a hug when you can; our guest Lisa was happy the Chamber will be using the Cannery for an upcoming event;  John Wilson was happy to be vertical again…and so are we; Prez Mark was happy to be back from a trip to Vegas with his daughter.

Raffle Results

Lucky Lau drew the white ball.


The Peace Corps

Point Molate plan

If you did not participate in the Peace Corps in the ‘60s our program offered many of us the opportunity to join the Peace Corps in our 60s.  Our speakers for today were Raleigh and Jean Ellison who upon retirement signed up to do a 2 year stint in the Peace Corps in Fiji. 

The Ellisons had stopped by a recruitment table for the Peace Corps at Cal filled out a post card expressing their interest and 10 months later found themselves in Fiji.  Releigh a science teacher taught science and Jean, who signed up as a Librarian, ended up teaching a special education class.  They described their experience as “the toughest job you will ever love.” 

Their first year was spent getting use to being there and their second year was spent actually being there.  They relayed a number of stories and experiences and encouraged anyone interested to look into it. The Peace Corps signs you up for 2 years and provides you with great training, housing and a small living allowance.  They will match your needs and desires with the needs of the country.

- Rotating Editor, The Menehune