The Flywheel

Program for October 3rd, 2008

On Stage!


The East Bay Center for the Performing Arts performs at the Mira Vista Country Club. Think hot nights on a Carribean Island. Think the rolling pulses of steel band sound. Or don't think at all. Just come. And bring your spouse or signficant other for what promises to be a hot, if not a bit unusual, date.

One more hook: Your attendance helps fund a Rotary scholarship to the East Bay Center for the Performing Arts. More details on Laura K's cool flyer.

Visit the website of the East Bay Center for the Performing Arts to learn more about their classes and events.


MEETING OF September 26th, 2008

Welcome and Joke for the Day

Tom Butt led us in the Pledge. David Brown told a joke: What do you have with an insomniac, dyslexic agnostic?  Someone who stays awake at night wondering whether there is a dog.  (Maybe more of you will get it when you see it in print.)

Rotarians with Guests

Mark brought Rosie Freeman, who works for PG&E and who has alerted Mark to PG&E’s Campaign for Community, which encourages PG&E employees to give to charities.  Mark is going to try to get Richmond Rotary’s Peace Plan onto the list.
Glenn Daggs introduced his new Director of Investigations, a former Vallejo Police officer.

Sunshine Report

Bill K wasn’t at the meeting, but Elof and Werner were, so the Club appears to be healthy.


  • Point Richmond Music tonight, with wine tasting on the balcony of Josh Genser’s office in Point Richmond overlooking the music.
  • Don’t forget the Winehaven program on October 31.
  • Home Front Festival next weekend.  Rotary still needs some volunteers for shifts on Sunday.
  • Richmond Rotary at the A’s was a lot of fun.
  • El Cerrito Rotary still needs a home for a Russian high school student attending El Cerrito High School.

Happy and Sad Dollars

  • Tom Waller was happy for the hospitality he encountered at El Cerrito Rotary where he went to solicit guests to Richmond’s meeting at which the East Bay Center for Performing arts will perform and for the Winehaven event.
  • John Nicol was sad for Herb Cole because USC lost to Oregon State.
  • Herb, blithely ignoring John, was happy for the great brunch at Jim Beaver’s house last Sunday, put on by Beaver and Leslie Levy and sold at the auction.  It was the first time he’d had crab quiche.  Herb was also happy that his mother was back in Beaumont.  The latter fact probably explains why Herb had never before had crab quiche.
  • Dan Sanders was also happy for the brunch, and he had mixed feelings about last weeks announcement by John Nicol that Dan had gotten married without telling anyone.
  • Glenn Daggs was happy about the A’s game and fireworks, which he said were the best he’s ever seen in all 50 years of his life.  Glenn was also happy to have a new client that he couldn’t name but could identify.
  • Erle crowed over the fact that Herb Cole, who couldn’t root for his alma mater’s team because it hadn’t won a game since he graduated, which caused Herb to adopt USC as his college football team, suffered the ignominy of USC’s loss to Oregon State, the second year in a row USC was upset by the bottom rung of the PAC-10 ladder.  Heck, Herb, even Stanford beat Oregon State this year.
  • Rafael was happy that the A’s game was such a success.
  • Jim Young, who professed to be inspired by Tom Waller, admired Tom’s photo on the cover of the Chamber newsletter.
  • Judy Morgan was happy about the brunch and passed out postcards with the schedule of entertainment for the Home Front Festival.
  • Alan Baer took his kids the Rotary night at the A’s, their very first baseball game.  They hit everyone with their foam fingers and had a great time.
  • Jon went sky-diving with his son.  As Jon, himself, said, it was a perfectly sound airplane and there was no reason to jump out of it!
  • Josh took time out from scribing notes for this newsletter to be happy he’s going to Italy for 17 days.

Norm’s Corner

Norm Foley, a 25 year verteran of the Club and former editor of the Flywheel when it was (get this) printed on paper and mailed to members, indicated his desire to share some of his hard won insights. This week, on dining out:

    1st Cannibal: "I don't like your brother."
    2nd Cannibal: "So just finish the noodles."

    Diner: "Waiter, there's a fly in my soup."
    Waiter: "Well, it's no small wonder, the chef used to be a tailor."

Raffle Results

Don Hardison drew a white ball.


Bay Area Crime Stoppers

Bay Area Crime Stoppers

Bay Area Crime Stoppers was on the agenda, and we heard from Tony Fasanella, along with Mechanics Bank CEO Steve Buster and former police chief Bernie Matthews.

Crime Stoppers provides a way for people to report tips about crime anonymously and to receive rewards for doing so.  It’s been around for 31 years, but it’s relatively new to the Bay Area.  With sufficient publicity, everyone will know the telephone number, 800-222-TIPS, and people will call with information. 

Callers are not identified by name, but are given code numbers, and, if their information leads to an arrest and the filing of charges, the tipster gets a reward of up to $2,000.  The call center is in Toronto, because Canadian law protects the identities of the tipsters.  Bay Area Crime Stoppers is looking for donations to use for publicity and rewards.  Donations are tax-deductible.

Learn more about Bay Area Crime Stoppers.

- Rotating Editor, Josh Genser