The Flywheel

Program for DECEMBER 19th, 2008

Good ideas just don't happen.

Rotary Assembly

President Mark continues open discussion of the club, our projects, our finances, our decision-making, things we are doing and things you would like the Club to help you do in the future.

Come ready to speak and listen about the club, its future and its activities.




MEETING OF December 12tH, 2008

Holiday Auction Thanks

A hearty pat on the back for us all!
We contributed our time, our money and—with just a few exceptions—our good humor to making this Holiday Auction a sparkling success.

Our treasurer informs us that the Holiday Auction raised nearly $15,000.

Holiday Party this Friday! See note under Upcoming Events (on left).




Our thanks to Don Lau and Jim Beaver for contacting all of us for auction donations, orchestrating the festivities, and making fundraising fun.

A good time was had by all.