The Flywheel


Judy Morgan demonstrated another way of cutting pounds at the opening of Curves in 2006.

Getting to Know your Chamber of Commerce

Rotarian Judy Morgan is also the indefatigable president of Richmond 's Chamber of Commerce.

Judy will remind us—or at least those who need reminding—of the vital role that the Chamber plays in the business life of our community.





Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

Richmond Rotary President Mark Howe called the meeting to order and asked his guest Eric Gavidia of the East Bay Center for the Performing Arts to lead us in the Pledge to the Flag. Sid Chauvin had a joke about a golfing four-some with a useful lesson on spousal management.

Visiting Rotarians

The Club welcomed Lena Humber from the Santa Rosa Rotary Club with the classification resort owner (The Breakers in Gualala). Lena was a part of the group, including Richmond Rotarians, who traveled to China in October to distribute wheelchairs.

Rotarians with Guests

In addition to President Mark’s guest, Past President Joe Bagley introduced PDG Werner Schwartz’ wife and guest Leah.

Sunshine Report

Sunshine Reporter, Bill Koziol, was not present, but several members announced that Rhonda Harris is seriously ill and will not be able to go on the Reno excursion.


  • Past President John Nicol had a Reno Intercity update. Two passes, he said, are available for the Emeryville parking lot.He also pointed out the flyers on each table giving train arrival and departure times.
  • Past President Erle Brown gave a Crab Feed update and asked for assistance with setting up the Salesian cafeteria Saturday afternoon at 2:00 p.m.
  • Joe Bagley announced plans to assist NIAD this spring with a wall building project.

Special Events

Erle Brown engaged in his favorite pastime (well, maybe second or third favorite), giving Paul Harris awards.  Recipients, all repeaters, were:

  • Jan Brown, Paul Harris plus one.
  • Horace “Stoney” Stonework, Paul Harris plus two.
  • Joe Bagley, Paul Harris plus one.
  • Pam Jones, Paul Harris plus two.
  • George Egan, Paul Harris plus seven!

All of those honored were given a standing ovation.


John Nicol and George Egan both celebrated birthdays.

Happy and Sad Dollars

  • Joe Bagley was happy that his spouse Rita has been chosen as the first artist to display her works at the new Richmond Convention and Visitors Bureau offices.
  • Jan Brown was happy that her twenty-eight year old daughter is featured in a UC Haas School of Business publication. Moreover, although she will not have her degree until June, she already has a job lined up.
  • Josh Genser was happy about the Reno trip and about a board meeting he attended in Santa Rosa.
  • Herb Cole was happy about his son’s forty-fourth birthday.
  • Guest Lena Humber was happy to be seeing friends.
  • Stoney was happy about his grandson’s birthday.
  • Rafael Cartagena was happy that we have a new President, and he was also happy about its significance for African-Americans.
  • New member Gerald Hatchett was extremely happy, but tired, after having spent six days in Washington, D.C., attending the inauguration and three balls.  “It’s good to be an American,” Gerald said.

Raffle Results

Dan Sander’s name was drawn from the bucket. Sporting a “new look,” Dan drew a white ball for a free lunch.


Rea Louise Hayward, Meeting of the Secret Society, detail. Richmond Art Center.

Art In The Fabric of Life of West County

Mark introduced our guest and speaker for the day, Dr. Sydney Metrick. She is an expressive arts therapist practicing solution focused counseling. Sydney is also known to many Rotarians as the emcee of the Point Richmond Music Festival.  Her topic for this day was A Survey of Art Organizations and Venues in West County.  Some of these include:

  • NIAD, an arts program for persons with developmental disabilities. Current works there include a book of opposites for children and a puppet show. The California College of Arts and Crafts (CCAC) is currently working with NIAD to develop assistive devices for the artists. Richmond Rotarians have assisted in the past with renovation and restoration projects at the facility on 23rd Street.  As noted above, another project will occur this spring.
  • The Richmond Art Center is now celebrating its seventieth year in Richmond. In addition to classes and shows at their Civic Center location, the Art Center collaborates in art projects throughout the city, for instance, the Neighborhood Public Art Project, originally funded by an NEA grant, is designed to bring art into the local neighborhoods. They will also be working to provide public art works for the renovated Civic Center, due to re-open in September.  Winter exhibitions at the Art Center starting January 27, 2009, will include “The Art of Living Black,” featuring local artists of African descent and “Barber Shop—Good Hair v. Bad Hair.”
  • The East Bay Center for the Performing Arts’ building in downtown Richmond is, as noted last week, undergoing an extensive renovation. In the meantime some of their activities will be relocated to the Richmond Auditorium. 
  • The Masquers Playhouse has undergone recent renovation, including a seat purchased by Rotarian Josh Genser. Their productions for the up-coming year include “The Last Five Years,” (a musical), Oscar Wilde’s “Lady Windermere’s Fan,” Joe Orton’s “Loot,” and “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” Over the years, many local groups, including Richmond Rotary, have used Masquers’ productions as part of their own fund raising activities.
  • Point Music provides free music programs in Point Richmond. Sydney pointed out that Rotarians Gerald Hatchett, Josh Genser, Rafael Madrigal, and Mark Howe are sponsors.

In a short Q. & A. session following Sydney’s presentation, Herb Cole asked, “Why a fish?” referring to the large rainbow trout installation on the outer wall of the Richmond Art Center. Gerald Hatchett was happy to inform us that his company, Sims Metal, was involved in its creation. We also learned its name is Guillermo. Who knew? From Sidney’s remarks, it is very clear that Richmond has in the aggregate a very impressive and comprehensive arts program.

- "Scribo Veritas", Editor Ted Abreu