The Flywheel

MEETING OF March 13th, 2009

Richmond's Santa Fe Indian Village

For decades, Richmond was a permanent home to Pueblo Indians who worked for Santa Fe Railroad and established a permanent tribal village at the railroad yard.

Michael Husser, who lived in the village in the 1960s, visits the Richmond Rotary to remind us of this unique part of Richmond history. If you missed Mike's presentation at the last Home Front Festival, don’t miss this second chance.

MEETING OF March 3rd, 2008

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

Prez Mark welcomed all to our Rotary meeting.  Bill Lindsay, his last act as a guest, led us in the Pledge of Alligience.  While all remained standing PP Jon Lawlis gave the invocation asking for freedom, peace and justice…and a little extra something for the economy.

Visiting Rotarians

Russ Schultz, kind of a visitor, from the Orinda Club was back home.

Rotarians with Guests

Norm Foley had as his guest wife Bonnie and Henry Kelman had as his guest son Benjamin.


  • Those interested in bringing a Rosie’s Girls program to Richmond should attend a planning meeting on March 11 at 9am at the Coronado Community YMCA (263 South 20th Street, Richmond).  Call Don Lau if you are interested.  More information on the program,
  • New Member Social, March 19, 6:30-8:30pm at Prez Mark’s house.
  • NIAD Wall Building, March 21, 8am-2pm at NIAD.
  • After Tax Poker Night, April 17, 6pm at Hotel Mac

Special Events

  • Laura Kuhn and Jerrold Hatchett both received their well deserved Blue Badges.
  • New Rotarians introduced were Eric Gavidia, who needs to go out and buy a new tie…real nice welcome Prez Mark, and Bill Lindsay, who had his tie neatly placed inside his shirt.  Welcome Gentlemen!


Erle Brown, tan and sober, contributed for his 74th birthday.

Happy and Sad Dollars

Eric Gavidia was happy to take his girl friend to Napa and join our Club; Jim Young was please that Erle was back and contributed $100 to Polio Plus and encouraged others to do the same; Jon Lawlis was glad to see Norm and Russ in the room; Tom Butt announced the 2nd Annual Rosie Trust Gala Event  March 21(details to be sent out by Tom); John Wilson thanked Jon Lawlis for the “bailout” last week; Erle had 5 happy ones cause he got out of Mexico with his life and wife; Jerrold will again be the Easter Bunny on 3/11 at Nevin Park and asked all to support the event; Norm Foley was happy to be reminded of his days of working at the Kaiser Shipyards in ’43; Dan Sanders gave rave review of dinner at Ted Abreu’s that was bought at the auction; John Nicol was reminded of his furlough during WWII of drinking and working.

Norm’s Nonsense

Speaking of losers ...

- This guy is such a loser that when he called a porn service the girl said: "Not tonight, I've got an earache."

- My friend hit it big in las Vegas. He drove there in a $30,000 car and returned home in a $100,000 bus.

Raffle Results

Tom Butt was lucky enough to draw the white ball.


Youth Enrichment Strategies

Nick Despota introduced Eric Aaholm, Executive Director of Youth Enrichment Strategies (YES).

  YES will be celebrating its 10th Anniversary on 5/31 at their Annual Dinner.  YES is working to find better ways to communicate through “powerful non-defensive communication” as an alternative to violent confrontation.  Their Peace Talks program is a 6 week workshop helps build effective communication techniques. 

YES was founded by Diane Mintz, a Berkeley realtor, who was a volunteer at Coronado Elementary school who saw the positive impact camping was having on the students she worked with in Richmond.  She started with providing camp scholarships for 60 students and the program has grown to include 300-400 youth going to camp and in 2004 YES started providing Family Camp.  Though its camping program, YES hopes to “inspire connection and belonging.”  Learn more about YES from their lively website.


- Rotating scribe, The Menehune