The Flywheel

MEETING OF March 27th, 2009

An Overview of US Immigration

Our own Josh Surowitz will call on his experience as an immigration attorney to present a brief overview of US Immigration Policy.

MEETING OF March 20th, 2009

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

On the downhill side of his presidency, Prez Mark called the meeting to order and called on the Spring Queen Rhonda Harris to lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Doing double duty, Rhonda was also called on to give the thought for the day…which had to do with positive/negative thinking and something about the recognition of something related to both…ask Rhonda for details.

Rotarians with Guests

The King of Spring Henry Kelman had the pleasure of introducing Empress Leah Schwarz and Princess Donna Schwarz. I think they might be related to Darth Werner Schwarz. Nick Despota introduced Jovanka Beckles…isn’t she a red badger yet?

Sunshine Report

The Sun King Bill Koziol sadly reported that Joe Bagley’s mom had passed away and circulated a card. He asked that Rotarians call Charley Wong at home. Thanks Sun King for bringing Elof Granberg to the meeting.


  • Prez Mark thanked all for a great New Member Social at his home. Hopefully, this could be an annual event. A great chance for folks to get to know one another.
  • NIAD Wall Building on 3/21. Hopefully the Great Wall has been completed when you read this.
  • 89th Anniversary of Richmond Rotary to be celebrated at our April 3rd meeting. All who have been here for 89 years will get a special recognition!
  • Poker Night at Hotel Mac 4/17 eat, drink, lie and win money … all in one night!


Richard Alexander and wife Katherine celebrated their 13th Anniversary on St. Patrick’s Day with a check to the Endowment.

Happy and Sad Dollars

Your Scribe was happy to be going to ARCO Arena on Saturday to watch his son’s Salesian basketball team play for the State Championship; Hank Covell was pleased with the West County Winds performance by 54 (yes … that include’s you Treasurer David Brown) he enjoyed at the Knox Center; Tom Butt was happy to announce the birth of his grandson Harlan Martin Butt; Herb Cole was happy to assist Bob Dabney who showed up with no check book or cash..but many friends; Jim Young was extremely happy that the world was right with pay day and a great deal and started a Paul Harris for his daughter; Prez Mark was happy to announce that the Rotary Wine Collective has scored cheap wine that could be bringing more dollars into the Treasury; Barrister D Brown was quick to asked what would you call Prez Mark’s based on his entrepreneurial spirit …”the defendant!”

Norm’s Nonsense

Undertaking isn't such a bad occupation but you have to like working with people.

A man at a banquet was in pain from ill-fitting dentures and complained to the stranger next to him. His neighbor reached in his pocket and pulled out a set of dentures and said, "Try these". After putting them in his mouth the man in pain said "Thanks but these are too small". His neighbor reached in his other pocket, pulled out another set and said, "Try these". "These fit perfectly, I feel better already" said the man. "Are you a dentist?"

"No, I'm an undertaker."

Raffle Results

Don Hardison drew the white ball.


West County Waste Water District Solar Solution

Our own EJ Shalaby was the first half of our program about the incredible solar installation recently unveiled by the West County Waste Water District. The project, done in partnership with Solar Power Partners, is a great example of a “green” public private partnership. Through a Power Purchase Agreement the project, started in 2006, resulted in the successful installation of a dual axis tracker solar system completed in December 2008. The dual axis panels are able to follow the sun to maximize its effectiveness and provide the Water District with 35% of its power.

EJ introduced Sierra Fong, Marketing Communication Manager with Solar Power Partners, who discussed the benefits of doing a Power Purchase Agreement. PPA allows the agency to have no cash outlay and no responsibility for the maintenance of the system while reaping energy cost savings. EJ estimates that the system will save West County Waste Water $50-60,000 per year as part of the 20 year commitment. Solar Power Partners has worked with water districts, municipalities, hospitals, and schools. The site is located off the Parkway near Pittsburg and you can see the panels from the Parkway. Check it out because it is a truly amazing project.


- Rotating scribe, The Menehune