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This Week's Program for April 3rd, 2009

Richmond Rotary Turns 89!!

Richmond Rotary will have its cake and eat it too. On hand to celebrate are District Gov. and Governess Jim and Linda Campbell who will make a unique presentation towards Richmond Rotary's Teen Moms project. Not to be missed!

The Drought…
What You Can Do & What Happens Next

Lesa MacIntosh, East Bay MUD Director and Representative of Richmond (Ward #1), returns to Richmond Rotary to discuss the status of the drought. Learn what East Bay MUD will be doing to promote water conservation and discourage water waste.

Last week's MEETING OF March 27th, 2009

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

As we March into April on a beautiful sunny Friday, Prez Mark called on your Scribe to do the Pledge of Allegiance. Program for the Day Josh Surowitz, possibly the next great Jokester, told us the one about Uncle Steve, a swimming pool and a wrong phone number!

Visiting Rotarians

Our visitor today was the grand Poo-bah District Governor Jim Campbell.

Rotarians with Guests

Rotarians with guests included Prez Mark who brought sailing buddy Kym Kapella, Judy Kafka with her sailing friend Dave Knight, and Barbara Diaz’ guest was her life-long buddy husband Agustin.

Sunshine Report

There was plenty of sunshine, but no report.


  • The Great Wall of NIAD has been completed with the help of Prez Mark, Tom Waller, April Jorden, Joey Bags, Eric Gavidia, Tom Butt, EJ Shallaby and David “did he work?” Brown.
  • Prez Mark reminded us that the Peace Garden that we started is being expanded to other locations and our beds have been divided into 22 half beds because of the tremendous demand.

Special Events

Who Am I??

  • Mark Grushayev is the Program Manager for Veolia Water a contractor that manages the City of Richmond’s sewer system. Mark really serves two bosses, the management at Veolia and the City of Richmond. When Mark left the Soviet Union in 1989 for America he was only allowed to leave with $90/person and 2 bags. He came here with $260 because he had a wife and 2 children. He had to learn to speak English and although he says he still struggle with it he does a fine job with his English. Mark worked for 18 years in San Francisco for the PUC before coming to Veolia. Mark hopes to be a good Rotarian and have fun along the way…I think you will succeed at both. Welcome Mark!
  • Bill Lindsey grew up in Contra Costa County and has a wife and 2 kids … one a college grad who is gainfully employed and one a high school senior. Bill’s career in managing cities started when he was a young child who built cities in his sandbox in Walnut Creek. His interest was expanded when he served on as a teen on a Youth Council. A graduate in Economics from Yale, Bill got his MBA at Cal. His career in city government started as Finance Director in Hercules. He worked in San Ramon and then for 10 years as City Manager in Orinda. Needing a challenge, Bill left Orinda for Richmond. And the challenges continue everyday and we are glad you choose to come to Richmond and to join our Club. Welcome Bill!

Happy and Sad Dollars

Your Scribe was excited that his son’s Salesian High Basketball team won the Division IV State Championship, Herb Cole was happy to see Judy Kafka and for 2 weeks in a row Ted Smith, Markku Pelanne was also happy to see the great Ted Smith, Jan Brown was happy to acknowledge the birthdays of our 2 architects poppa Don Hardison and Tom Butt, Prez Mark was happy that the remediation work at his site will be happening.

Norm’s Nonsense

Recently I took a trip to visit my son in Brunswick, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland. I learned that the nearby town of Hinckley has a City Song, "When the Buzzards Come Back to Hinckley, Ohio." It seems for many years the city of Cleveland hauled its garbage to the dumps at Hinckley but discontinued that practice years ago. Now the buzzards return every year looking for the garbage that isn't there.

Raffle Results

Liliane Kosial grabbed the lucky orange ball!!! Congrats!!


An Overview of US Immigration

statue liberty

Our Program was our very own Jokester Josh Surowitz who gave us all a history lesson and some good advise around the issue of immigration. For the first 100 years from 1776 -1875, the US pretty much had an open door policy as long as folks kept heading West where there was land.

The first restrictions began in 1875 with the exclusion of convicts and prostitutes. Not sure why they then picked on the Chinese, but obviously Charlie Wong and your Scribe’s peeps still made it here. The next groups excluded were “idiots, lunatics, convicts and persons likely to become a public charge.” Josh also covered laws that encouraged recruiting foreign workers, laws protecting labor, quotas, restrictions based on who we were at war with, and the McCarran Walter Act which established the basic structure for present immigration law. It was a very informative presentation. There will be a pop quiz this coming Friday. Herb Cole summed up Josh’s presentation by saying thanks because he learned something.

- Rotating Editor, The Menehune