The Flywheel

This Week's Program: September 11, 2009

Vetrazzo: Gorgeous and Green

Senator Loni Hacock

Vetrazzo makes surfaces like countertops from recycled glass at Ford Point and is a Richmond business success story.

Co-Founder & “CCO” Olivia Teter, and VP Marketing John Sabol visit Richmond Rotary to describe their company, its products and production and their vision of the East Bay as a Green Industry Center.

Learn more.



Last MEETING: August 28th, 2009

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

Prez Glenn Daggs welcomed everyone to the meeting. Eric Gavidia led the pledge. Henry Kelman provided the thought “Candy is dandy, but liquor is (much) quicker.”

Rotarians with Guests

Monique le Conge brought her daughter Marissa.
Glenn Daggs’ guests were Michelle Riggs and Dr. Beth Colbert.


  • Allen Baer solicited sign-ups for the Home Front Festival, which will be at the Ford building on October 3, 2009. All questions to Allen.
  • Leslie Levy asked for volunteer helpers Saturday, 8/29/09 at the RAC, to help move furniture.
  • Hank Covell announced the next Masquers evening at the Hotel Mac on Thursday, 9/17/09, which will be a British comedy called “Hoot”. $45 per person.
  • Jim Young thought it was a good event recently at the Craneway, and thought the honoring of Elof was particularly nice. Because Werner is always asking him for guaranteed investments, Jim provided him several bags of Wells Fargo microwave popcorn, which are guaranteed to expand and grow.
  • Herb Cole asked if any Rotarians could assist with housing three Rotarians from Monterey, Mexico, who will be visiting soon.


  • Bob Dabney celebrated his 17th wedding anniversary with his wife Cheryl and became a grandfather last Friday to boot.
  • Dan Sanders celebrated a birthday!
  • Glenn Daggs celebrated his 5th year in Rotary.
  • Michael Gill and his wife celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary.

Happy and Sad Dollars

  • Allen Baer was happy because the gang of kids he chaperoned to the A’s game behaved well, notwithstanding a few thrown peanuts.
  • Jon Lawlis was happy to have $6 leftover from Vegas, which he rounded up and donated to the club.
  • Rafael Madrigal was happy that the A’s beat the Tigers and for the great fireworks show after the game.
  • Richard Alexander was happy to have survived the contractor’s lunch, but was sad because in the course of so doing, he may have lost his ride for next year (his wife).
  • Hank Covell was happy and excited about a good trip to Arizona.
  • Monique was sad because she made it to the contractor’s lunch AND the meeting the next day, but Erle Brown took all the credit for being the only one to do so. Hank Covell also echoed the same sentiment.
  • Bob Dabney also was happy he survived the contractor’s lunch.
  • Herb Cole was happy that Erle Brown’s wife signed the check for the contractor’s lunch, so that Erle unwittingly paid 2 years in a row.

Norm’s Nonsense

The Martians are coming...

This Martian landed his flying saucer on a street in a small town and it happened to be in front of a bar. He walked into the bar and inside the front door were several pinball machines with their bright lights flashing on and off. The Martian walked up to the flashiest one and said to it, "What's a beautiful babe like you doing in a joint like this?"

Raffle Results

“Ideal Outcomes” drew the white ball. Ironically, it is actually the orange ball that represents the “ideal outcome”.



Managing our water supplySenator Loni Hacock

Michelle Blackwell of East Bay MUD visited Richmond Rotary again to discuss a 30-year plan to maintain the East Bay’s quality water supply. Michelle feels that long term planning is critical and to those who may question the need to plan out through 2040, she reminds that we are very glad now that the past generation made plans so that we enjoy plentiful excellent water today.

Prior to the EBMUD takeover and regulation of our water supply, the private companies running things could simply not manage and drought conditions were constantly a problem. Michelle commented that although the state is currently experiencing a protracted 2-year “drought”, that those served by EBMUD are not actually in drought conditions, because drought designation is based on water levels.

The 2040 plan takes into account the 30 year Freeport project to obtain water from the Sacramento River and focuses on the following:

  • Conservation & Recycling
  • Seismic Improvement
  • New Regulations
  • Global Climate Change


- Rotating Scribe, Josh Surowitz