The Flywheel

This Week's Program: September 18, 2009
Meeting at La Strada Restaurant, in San Pablo!

Money, Money, Money

Senator Loni Hacock

Steven "Shags" Shagrin, Certified Money Coach and Vice-president of the Money Coaching Institute, Petaluma and member of the Rossmore Rotary presents the concepts of “Financial Personality, Money HabitudesTM” in an informative and entertaining manner.

This is a peek under the hood at what makes you tick in the world of money, also known as "internal finance". Those of you who have a life partner may wish to bring them as a guest, as the discussion after can be very enlightening.



Last MEETING: September 11th, 2009

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

President-elect Alan Baer, acting for President Glenn Daggs, called the meeting to order. Past President Stoney Stonework requested a moment of silence for all those who lost their lives on 9/11/01 and for peace, freedom, and justice on earth. Rotarian Henry Kelman, in his thought for the day, pointed out that Islam is not to blame for 9/11.

Rotarians with Guests

Michael Gill introduced his wife Dana.

Sunshine Report

Rotarian Bill Koziol, aka Mr. Sunshine, announced that Mike Winter is recovering from hip replacement surgery. Bill asked that members sign a card being passed for him as well as one for Ludmyrna Lopez offering condolences on the death of her mother.


Acting President Baer and others had the following announcements:

  • Tickets are still available for the September 17 dinner at the Mac followed by a performance of “Loot” at the Masquers Play House.
  • This year’s Home Front Festival will be on October 3 at the Crane Way Pavilion and Lucretia Edwards Park. See the schedule of events.
  • Reopening ceremonies for the Richmond Civic Center will be tomorrow, September 12, starting at 11:00 a.m. Rotarians were urged to attend.
  • There will be “Music at the Point” this evening.
  • All Rotarians are reminded that next week’s meeting will be at La Strada Restaurant instead of MVCC.


Past President Don Lau recognized Jim Young for both a birthday and an anniversary, the latter being his twenty-ninth. The former was not specified.

Happy and Sad Dollars

  • Stoney was glad that his alma mater, Ohio State University, is meeting USC on Saturday.
  • Don Hardison thanked the Rotarians who responded to the call for help at the Richmond Art Center.
  • David Brown expressed hope for the SF Giants and their play-off chances.
  • Michael Gill was happy for the presence of the presenters from Vetrazzo.
  • Alan Baer was happy about his one-year Rotary anniversary, his 20th wedding anniversary, and his completion of his Paul Harris.
  • Norm Lundberg is looking forward to a trip to London, South Africa, and Botswana, followed by attendance at his son’s wedding in Wisconsin.
  • Erle Brown had five happy dollars for Cal’s football victory the previous Saturday.
  • Jovanka Beckles was happy to be at the meeting.
  • Mark Grushayev had happy dollars “just because.”
  • Don Lau was happy about a week spent in Hawaii with his parents.

Norm's Nonsense

A man is painting his house, and a hobo comes around and asks if he can do something to earn a few dollars. The man says, "Sure, take a can of this paint and go around to the back of the house and paint my porch."

The hobo does this and fifteen minutes later comes back and says he's finished. The man says, "Already?" The hobo says, "Yeah, but it isn't a Porsche, its a Mercedes!"

Raffle Results

Someone drew a white ball and earned a free lunch.



Vetrazzo: Gorgeous and GreenSenator Loni Hacock

Jim Young introduced the day’s presenters from Vetrazzo, Olivia Teter, the Chief Creative Officer, and John Sabol, the Head of Manufacturing.

Assisted by slide projections, John explained that Vetrazzo makes countertops from recycled glass by a process invented in 1996 by a Berkeley ceramics engineer. Throughout the presentation, both speakers emphasized that theirs is a very green business. The product is made from all kinds of recycled glass such as beverage bottles, leftovers from stained glass manufacturers, and many other sources, both local and nation-wide.

The manufacturing process involves crushing the glass, mixing it with concrete (which in turn is mixed with ground glass rather than the usual sand), pouring it into a mold, curing it under steam heat, and polishing it to a high gloss. The result is a product with properties similar to granite but with an extra dimension thanks to its glass content.

Other green features of their business include the location in the old Ford plant and the recycling of all water used in the manufacturing process.  Flyers placed on the tables announced a seconds sale at the plant on September 18 and 19.

- Rotating Scribe, Ted Abreu