The Flywheel

This Week's Program: September 25, 2009

Health Insurance Reform in California

Old hands, young hands

Whatevever form health insurance reform finally takes at the federal level, this much is certain: it will not eliminate the layer of private insurance companies between patient and provider.

For more than a decade, health reform activists in California (as elsewhere), have promoted an alternative: a single payer system. Dr. Pat Snyder, PhD, the chair of Health Care for All-Contra Costa, has lead the effort in our county. She will outline the single payer bill before the state legislature, SB 810, and answer our questions.



Last MEETING: September 18th, 2009

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

Richmond Rotary President Glenn Daggs called the meeting to order at our alternative venue, La Strada Ristorante in San Pablo. Past President George Egan led everyone in the Pledge to the Flag.

Visiting Rotarians

Visiting Rotarian and President-Elect of the San Pablo Club, Doug Millar, introduced himself.

Rotarians with Guests

Past President Herb Cole introduced his guest Mike Aronian, WCCUSD administrator and a PAC 10 referee.


Bulleted lists work best here, like this

  • President-Elect Alan Baer once again announced the up-coming Home Front Festival on October 3. He passed around a sign-up sheet for those willing to assist on that day.
  • It was announced that the Club would be returning to La Strada again on October 9. (Jim Beaver, please note.)


  • Club Secretary and Past President Jon Lawlis celebrated a birthday at the end of last month and had a contribution to the Rotary Foundation.
  • Laura Kuhn and husband Paul celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary.

Happy and Sad Dollars

  • Past President Hank Covell was happy about the long history of the YMCA in Richmond which nearly coincides with that of our club. Hank generously offered to pay for the breakfast of all Rotarians who attend the annual pancake feed at the Y on Saturday.
  • Past President Mark Howe was more than happy—delighted is closer to it—that he was able to secure promises to support the Ghosts of Shipyard III fundraising event from many local business leaders during a recent nautical excursion. Full speed ahead, Captain.
  • Past President David Brown wished everyone a happy Rosh Hashanah.
  • Josh Genser is happy that his daughter is now ensconced at Stanford University.
  • Past President Joe Bagley was happy about the visit of his daughter Lana on the occasion of her reunion at Salesian High School.
  • Jerry Hatchett had announcements about up-coming events:  a Richmond PAL Masquerade and a Gospel Fest.
  • Herb Cole reported that he and other Rotarians had a terrific time at the previous evening’s Masquers performance and the dinner at the Mac.

Norm’s Nonsense

A reminder that everything is relative.

A turtle was crossing the road when he was mugged by two snails. The snails viciously beat up the turtle, leaving him bruised and bloodied and barely conscious. When the police came a few minutes later they asked the turtle to describe what happened. "I don't know. It all happened so fast."



Money, Money, MoneySenator Loni Hacock

Past President Pam Jones introduced the day’s speaker, Steven “Shags” Shagrin, a Certified Money Coach and Vice-President of the Money Coaching Institute. Steve is also a member of the Rossmore Rotary Club and Director of Communications and Technology for the Camp Royal Committee.

Shagrin described for the Club what he does as a money coach, that is, helping his clients understand their relationship with money and to see how they are hardwired in regard to it. Upbringing, religious beliefs, personal and familial history, life experiences, and habits all contribute to this relationship.  Shags also described a set of cards he uses to help clients; as they sort and select these cards a “money personality” emerges. Are you a saver or a free spender? Security minded? Spontaneous?
Selfless? This assisted introspection can produce a “that’s me” experience which can be productive in making financial decisions.

Even as we listened to Shagrin, I think many of us reflected on what he was saying and perhaps gained some insight about our own past relationship with money and where we go from here. 

- Rotating Scribe, Ted Abreu