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This Week's Program: NoVember 5th, 2009

Literacy for Every Adult Program

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Rotary has had a long term commitment to universal literacy, sponsoring thousands of programs, from supporting the construction of schools in third world countries to dictionary give-aways here at home.

Sherry Drobner, of the Richmond Library, directs an adult literacy program in its effort to help the 50% of Richmond residents who are not fully literate. She will discuss the LEAP program in Richmond.



The Reporter's Notebook

The word was out at Richmond’s ethereal newspaper “The Richmond Defender” that the place to be at lunch today was the old WWII General Services building for lunch. Something was up! By the time I got there, (“I” being the Defender’s ‘duce’ reporter [Ace reporter Bob Woodword had been sent to the Soroptomist luncheon] the normally empty parking lot at the end of windy road along the bay, was full.

Through a door left ajar there came a din of voices. Shreeks, laughter and music from the otherwise windowless building.It was a dark and stormy night, oops wrong story. I proceeded cautiously up the dusty dark stairs toward the apparently demonic revelry, to be greeted at the entrance of a dim and cavernous ‘ballroom by an ancient green haired troll like apparition who told me I was late and to get some food.

The dimly lit ballroom, washed in an eerie orange light, like a thousand flickering candles, was possessed by every type of apparition: Noble demons with the continence’s of kings and queens, beautiful and seductive witches in the raiment of ghostly rainbows of the night, fairies, clowns, imaginary characters, shipyard works who died horrible but noble deaths for a good cause, and even some fiendish local politicians cleverly disguised as legendary heroes or common, honest folk of the city.

The din was interrupted by occasional outbursts of hysterical merrymaking, like the opening of a coffin with its ghoulish contents of treasure. And a contest of the damned in which the spirits ‘showed off’ their demonic costumes to the delight of the entire assemblage. This particular event was won by a Zombie mistress and her evil spawn.

It was a wicked event! large amounts of adulterated grape juice intoxicants were being consumed along with a lot of good food. Even mere mortals appeared at the fringes marveling at the historic telling of the Shipyards Saga and amazed by the, until now, mysterious interior of the General Service Building. There were lots of Ooos and Aaaahs about the whole affair.

  • Josh, Nick and Dabney all thought it was a great Rotary, Richmond event.
  • “Just plain Tom”, (who came as himself) said the only thing that could make it a better event would be an understanding City Council.
  • The ‘beautiful witch’ Laura, speaking of the works that will be supporting by all this madness said, “The kids at the Nevin Center are as cute as ‘heck’ and good to work with”.
  • The Queen of Hearts said, “Off with their heads”, to which the King of Fools said, “If you think this is good, wait till next year, we are going to do it at night” Yes he did say that.
  • And Tom the Spider-Lover said, “And it is the only City owned National Park in the country. The shipyard effort is still a great example of what we can do when we get out of our own way.”
  • Summing up the event, a comely but nameless peasant wench, said, “Richmond, you never know what you’re going to get”

- Rotating ‘duce Reporter Speedy Clip (aka Jim Young)