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Our Next Meeting: December 4th, 2009

Trips, tools, treats and temptations
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You can probably guess where this titillating trail of alliteration is leading: to wit.

Be there or be square.




Last MEETING: November 20th, 2009

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

President Glenn Daggs welcomed the group on this windy, rainy day at MVCC and asked Cory Lawrence to lead the Pledge. Stoney offered the invocation in the name of peace on Earth.

Rotarians with Guests

Michael Gill brought the speaker, Glenn Oclassen, CEO & President of Transcept Pharmaceuticals.


  • Don Lau announced again that the Holiday Auction is 12/4/09. Everyone come and bring your checkbook and friends to bid on the great items!
  • Ted Abreu will be collecting all sizes of new and used coats for the Coat Drive at the next meeting on December 4, 2009. Give your unneeded coats to Ted and he will make sure to get them to people who can use a little warmth this winter.
  • Get your $$ to Sid Chauvin ASAP for the choo-choo to Reno or else you will miss the train!
  • Alan Baer reminded the group about the Holiday Party at Hs. Lordships. Everyone must pay ASAP because the club is obligated to pay in advance. Our own Michael Gill’s band will be jamming so bring your dancing shoes. Sid Chauvin has tickets.
  • The Beaver announced that David Brown and Leslie Levy are about to be famous for appearing in an upcoming Mechanics Bank advertising campaign including print and television advertising. Each of them made a contribution to the club in recognition of their new celebrity status.


Leslie Levy will be celebrating a birthday on Thanksgiving.

Happy and Sad Dollars

Herb Cole wants his happy $ back from last week for a football game gone wrong, and unwittingly paid yet again for the privilege of announcing that.

Hank Covell had happy dollars for fond memories of “almost” completing swimming lessons years ago at ‘the plunge”.

Jon Nicol was also happy for actually having learned to swim at The Plunge, by being pushed in the deep end.

Sid Chauvin was sad because Bo Derek turned 53 years old. Corey Lawrence was sad because his home was broken into, but was happy because all that was taken was his computer and two X-boxes and that everyone was ok, including his little dog who had been thrown in a closet during the heist.

Jovanka Beckles was happy because of her recent wonderful, warm, not to mention eco-friendly cruise. But she was also sad to be back to reality.

Stoney was happy that Ohio State was Rose Bowl bound, and because his granddaughter earned all A’s in 1st grade.

Markku was happy Michael Gill had given him tickets to a Cal football game, but inadvertently shouted “let’s go Oakland”.

Jan Brown was happy to have also learned to swim at The Plunge, and even happier that her dad, Don Hardison, has almost been approved for a new heart valve.

John Wilson had happy $ for Go Bears! Ted Abreu was happy for a great day on the Bay with Herb and other Rotarians “Day on the Delta” Auction item.

Henry Moe was happy for the Salesian Girls Volleyball Team going to the finals and for the Football Team’s run for another title.

Dan Tanita was happy to celebrate 25 years in Richmond Rotary.

Michael Gill was happy for the opportunity to bring the guest speaker.

Josh Genser was so happy to have the fun of a USC fan up at the podium as he announced he was delighted Stanford scored more points on USC that week than anyone in USC history. He was also happy to have read a book to 1st graders and gave them all copies to take home.

Erle Brown was happy to join Josh Genser in pledging $100.00 to the foundation for every point over fifty Stanford scored in the coming week. For the record, they lost to Cal 34-28.

Norm’s Nonsense

Drink & be merry!
- A blind man walks into a bar, grabs his dog by its hind legs, and swings him around in a circle. The bartender says, "Hey buddy, what are you doing?" The blind man says, "Don't mind me, I'm just looking around."

- A penguin walked into a bar and said, "Has my father been in here today?" The bartender said, "I don't know. What does he look like?"

Raffle Results

Leslie Levy drew the Orange Ball.


Promoting sound sleep

solar system

Our club was lucky to have avid environmentalist, sailor and distinguished father and grandfather, Glenn Oclassen, CEO & President of the locally based Transcept Pharmaceuticals. Trancept produces drugs that affect the brain, and is currently focused on sleep medications. Trancept’s novel new drug, Intermezzo, has the same effective component as other sleep drugs like Ambien, but is taken at ¼ dosage only when one awakes in the middle of the night and is unable to return to sleep. Because the drug goes under the tongue, it is very fast acting.

Though our speaker strongly admonished members of the club from investing based on his forward looking statements, Trancept has a very strong balance sheet with lots of cash and a slow burn rate. The drug is now at the FDA “complete response letter” phase, and it is possible the drug could be approved for market in 1-1.5 years.

- Rotating Scribe, Josh Surowitz