The Flywheel

Our Next Meeting: December 11th, 2009

Public Art in Richmond

Ohlone Shop, John Wehrle artist

This week we welcome celebrated Richmond muralist, John Wehrle. John's murals combine an historical imagination with subtle wit, offering public art that rewards close attention. John will discuss the Richmond Art Center and the opportunities it creates for the many communities of Richmond.

Hope to see you there.



The Holiday Auction

The egg nog flowed, the bids came fast (but not too furiously), and thanks to auctioneers Jim Beaver and Joe Bagley, and scores of generous Rotarians and their guests, the Club earned nearly $14,000. Congratulations to all!

A reminder to party with your pals

The Rotary Holiday Party will be held at

HS Lordships Restaurant
Berkeley Marina
Saturday, Dec. 19th
Tickets: $75/person

With music by Michael Gill's versatile band, With-A-Twist, we've dialed up the class factor by a couple notches this year. Your partner will be impressed. Buy your tickets now. Mail a check to David Brown, or bring it to Friday's meeting.

Norm’s Nonsense

The three wise men came to visit the newborn King in the manger at Bethlehem. After they had presented Him with gifts, they proceeded to leave. The third one in line, being quite tall, hit his head painfully on a low beam at the entrance to the manger and yelled out: "Jesus Christ!"

Mary turned to Joseph and said: "You know, I like that better than Irving."

Werner's last word

Werner called the webmaster last week with a last minute appeal: This joke must appear in the next Flywheel. It won't keep:

Q: How did Mrs. Woods settle with her huband?

A: He had to change his name from Tiger to Cheetah.