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Our Next Meeting: December 18th, 2009

Corporate security
Holiday Auction image

In addition to being this year's Richmond Rotary president, Glenn Daggs has another important role. He is the president of OSS International, in the Bay Area region. OSS provides a range of professional security services.

Glenn's presentation will describe these services and, in particular, discuss the hows and whys of workplace violence.



Last MEETING: DECEMBER 11th, 2009

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

President Glenn Daggs welcomed the group and asked Judy Morgan to lead the Pledge of Allegiance. Stoney offered a moment of silence for freedom, peace and justice on Earth. Henry’s thought of the day was that we should think of Obama’s receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize for future deeds and the hope he will bring peace in the future.

Visiting Rotarians

Mac Lingo visited from the Berkeley Club.

Rotarians with Guests

George Egan brought Yvonne Nair, who is now a member!


  • Sid Chauvin pleaded with the group to sign up and/or pay for the Reno Train trip ASAP and YESTERDAY for the holiday party, as the club has already fronted the money!
  • Ted Abreu made an announcement on behalf of Henry Moe that the Interact Club got 263 warm coats for the rescue mission!
  • Glenn Daggs read a heart warming message about why we are Rotarians and how life is to short, and why everyone who can make it to the Holiday party should to share this wonderful time of year with their friends in the club.

Special Events

New member Yvonne Nair was welcomed to the group by Jon Lawlis.
Alan Blavins received his Paul Harris in short order after recently joining the club. Ted Abreu earned his Paul Harris plus 4 and George Egan received his Paul Harris plus 8!


Tom Butt and his wife celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary. Sid and his wife celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary, and last week was also Sid’s birthday, which unbeknownst to him was lamented by aging beautiful starlets around the world. Bo Derek was particularly upset to hear the news. December 15th is Jon Lawlis’ club anniversary.

Happy and Sad Dollars

Marrku was happy to offer that the thinnest book in the world was the German Joke Book and that the second was the Compendium of Italian WWII Victories.
Sid was sad because the day of the meeting was the 65th birthday of Theresa Brewer, whoever that is.
Herb enjoyed a wonderful river cruise down the Danube and is looking forward to his annual trek to NY for Christmas.
Jim Young was delighted to see his granddaughter for the first time and also that he got a Rotary tie for ten bucks with squiggles that represent the DNA for the Polio Virus, and had a donation for Polio Plus.
Leslie Levy was happy that the night of the meeting would be the first night of Hanukkah, and that her son was coming home to start graduate school and wants to stay on the left coast.
Glenn was happy about his daughter’s 10th birthday and that as he has a policy of not negotiating with terrorists, and as anyone under ten is a terrorist, he can now commence negotiations. Good luck with that Glenn!
Don Lau was very happy that the thing he was concerned about last week is no longer a concern to him! Don also thanked everyone who helped with the Holiday Auction.

Norm’s Nonsense

'Tis the Season ...

- The Supreme Court ruled against having a Nativity scene in Washington, D.C. This wasn't for religious reasons. They couldn't find three wise men and a virgin.

- The main reason Santa is so jolly is because he knows where all the bad girls live.

Raffle Results

Judy Morgan’s name was drawn, but as Glenn had lost his balls she will have to draw next week.


Public art and the Richmond Art Center
Detail of John Wehrle mural
Detail of John Wehrle mural, located on San Pablo Ave. at I-80 overpass.

John Wehrle, our effusive first speaker who has graced our city with beautiful murals, treated the club to a photo slide show of many of his wonderful pieces of art in different mediums. John lead the first combat artist team to Vietnam, and has amongst other projects, been creating public murals for over 30 years.

Nancy Servis, the Executive Director of the Richmond Art Center, spoke to the group about current programs at the RAC. The RAC was built as one of the first civic art centers in the country and has in many ways served as a model for many others. The RAC has many shows with nationally recognized artists, and has a strong emphasis on art education, community programs and meaningful exhibitions. The RAC also offers many courses and studio classes as well as lecture workshops and gallery experiences.