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Our Next Meeting: January 8th, 2010

Consul General of South Korea
Flag of South Korea

The Consul General of South Korea will discuss US/Korea trade relations. We are living though a period in which global economic relations are changing rapidly, so we expect this to be a highly informative presentation.



Last MEETING: DECEMBER 11th, 2009

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

On the Friday before Christmas, President Glenn Daggs called the meeting to order.  Red badger Yvonne Nair led us in the Pledge.  Stoney offered a prayer for peace and freedom in the world.  Henry Kelman’s thought for the day was for all to be grateful for what we have and a hope that things will look up in 2010.

Rotarians with Guests

Past Prez Mark Howe had with him Eric Davidson and Ryan Davidson with Lee Associates, Prez Glenn had with him Annette West and Joe Valle.


  • Sid “Get on the Train” Chauvin reminded all of the fabulous Reno Train Trip that will be happening January 24-25.  It is a wonderful time and attendance this year is low… so we need more folks to sign up.  Checks for “Rotary InterCity” can be given to Sid ASAP!
  • Erle “He’s not Crabby” Brown announced the Annual Rotary Crab Feed on January 23 (6pm Cocktails, 7pm Dinner) at Salesian High School.  Great Crab, Drink and Fellowship all for $40 per person…or go all the way and get a table of 10.
  • Remember…we are “DARK” for the next 2 weeks.  Have a great Holiday Season and see you all on January 8th!
  • The day after this meeting, our Club held its gala holiday party. We've posted a small collection of pictures from the event. Have a look.

Special Events

  • Erle Brown also reported on the Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY) program that asks all Rotarians to give at least $100 every year to the Foundation.  There is also a Paul Harris Society which includes members who give at least $1000 per year.  Our club ranks either first or second in this category in the district.  Remember you can still give this year to achieve our goal.
  • Our newest member Yvonne Nair gave a very brief “Who Am I” and is well on her way to a blue badge.  Yvonne’s sponsor is George Egan.  Yvonne is from Malaysian. She has two adult children: one in law enforcement and the other seeking a PhD at UCLA. Yvonne has worked in marketing and public relations and is currently working in the field of mental health, substance abuse prevention and workforce development.  


Your Scribe had the privilege and pleasure to do recognitions for the day:  in anticipation of a Happy Birthday (12/25) Soon-to-Be Prez Alan Baer gave a C-note in celebration; Mike Winter was also ready with a check to be recognized for his birthday on 12/15; John Wilson also was happy to celebrate another birthday on 12/13 and made a contribution to the club; Hank Covell and his bride Doreen will celebrate 51 years of wedded bliss on 12/21. 

Happy and Sad Dollars

Dan Sanders was happy his son received his MBA;  Hank was happy Werner is in our club; Herb Cole was happy to have been in New York; David Brown was sad he will miss the party but happy to celebrate his nephew’s BA; Jon Lawlis is happy to be home this Christmas instead on down south; Bob Dabney was happy he and his bride had a chance to go to Costa Rica;  Josh Genser was happy to have been in New York but dismayed at Stanford’s bowl assignment, Markku Pelanne told a joke that Josh new the punch line to.

Norm’s Nonsense

"I'm lonely," Adam told God in the Garden of Eden. "I need to have someone around for company."
God: "Okay, I'll give you the perfect companion. She is beautiful, intelligent, and gracious - she'll cook and clean for you and never say a cross word." Adam: "Sounds great, but what's she going to cost?"
God: "An arm and a leg."
Adam: "That's pretty steep. What can I get for a rib?"

Raffle Results

Somebody pulled the orange ball and won a few cents.


OSS Security Services
Detail of John Wehrle mural

Pam Jones introduced our own Glenn Daggs who was our Speaker for the Day.  Glenn’s day job is President of OSS which he founded.  OSS provides: Threat Management; Executive Protection; Workplace Violence Prevention; and Risk Solutions.  Glenn showed video on rage in a parking lot and a marketing piece for OSS.  Glenn then gave us an overview of the issues that many employers face today regarding work place violence and risk issues and outlined the services his company provides.    

Mele Kalikimaka from your Scribe,
The Menehune