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Our Next Meeting: January 15th, 2010

How the FBI Tackles Gangs & Gang Violence
FBI badge

Supervisory Special Agent In Charge, Charles Johnson will discuss the FBI’s Safe Streets East Bay Task Force in Alameda & Contra Costa County. Agent Johnson hs been with the FBI for 24 years and has developed presentations on gang awareness.

Mr. Johnson requests that no audio recording or photography take place during his presentation.


Last MEETING: January 8th, 2009

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

President Glenn called our meeting to order by playing the Korean National Anthem.  Tom Butt was called on to lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Henry Kelman left us with this thought…2009 was a terrible year for many financially and the hope was for a reverse of last year and hopes for a brighter 2010!

Visiting Rotarians

Fred Collingnon from Berkeley and Pat Todnonter from El Cerrito were our visitors.

Rotarians with Guests

Henry Kelman introduced his daughter Caroline; Pam Jones had as her guest Jael Myrick who is with Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner’s office; Werner Schwarz had as his guest Jayson Fennimore the new owner of the Baltic…stop by…Rotarians will get a 15% discount!

Sunshine Report

Mr. Sunshine Bill Koziol reported that Rafael Madrigal was under the weather and phone calls would be appreciated.


Crab Feed

• Crabby Erle Brown reminded us of (ta-da!):

The 3rd Annual Rotary Crab Feed
January 23rd
6PM bar, 7PM dinner
Salesian High School cafeteria

You can buy your ticket now. We make it easy.

Click the PayPal button on the right (use any credit card); or bring your check, cash or gold bullion to Treasurer David Brown on Friday. Your choice.

  • Sid Chauvin reported that the 50th Annual Reno Train Trip is cancelled.
    Late-breaking news!! The intrepid train trippers are arranging a bus charter to Reno to take the place of the annual rail trip. The bus will depart on Sunday, Jan. 24th at 9 AM, from the garbage company parking lot [Huh? I just pass along what they give me. -nd] and return Monday. The cost is $160 for a single, $130 for a double. Want to go? Talk to Jon or John Nicol ASAP.
  • The Rotary International was awarded the Volunteer Award, for floats 35 feet or less in length, on January 1st at the Tournament of Roses Parade. (Thank you, Werner, you keen-eyed parade-watcher, for calling this to our attention.)
  • Soon-to-Be Prez Alan Baer would like raffle prizes for the Crab Feed so please forward those to him.  Also there are plans for a St. Partick’s Day I-80 Rotary Club Dinner to be held somewhere and cost somewhere around $35-40.  Details to follow.

Special Events

  • Sweet Erle Brown presented Rhonda Harris with her Paul Harris to a standing O.  Congrats Rhonda!!


Chi-town Joey Bags presided over Recognitions:  New Year baby Pam gave a C-note to the Foundation; Baby Face Henry Moe celebrated his December birthday with a donation; and Lillian Koziol and husband Ken celebrated their anniversary in Las Vegas…and that’s all she would share, but she did make a gift to the Foundation.

Happy and Sad Dollars

The dollars were flyin’ today: Webmaster Nick Despota apologized for passing misinformation along to us; Margaret Morkowski was happy to see Jayson, reported that Judy Kafka is recovering from knee surgery and forgot the other thing; Prez Glenn recognized his daughter’s 10th birthday; Josh Surowitz was pounding his chest for his Central Michigan Chippewas victory over Troy and contributed to the Foundation; Ted Abrue had a great holiday season with the wedding of his son and the delivery of a grandchild;  Jim Young was making noise about his bank v. another local community bank ..both generous contributors to Rotary and challenged all to head the call to make generous contributions to the Club; Herb Cole made some cracks about Sid’s toilet issues; Sid has had a bad year with a family member in a car accident and the passing of another…here’s to a brighter year Sid; Your Scribe wanted to recognize that Don Hardison celebrated 64 year in Rotary on 12/31…hope to see you soon at Club, Don!; Henry Moe was happy that Salesian’s InterAct Club got 548 coats donated to the Rescue Mission. Nick reported that Don Hardison was on the mend; and finally Chi-town Joe was happy he got a chance to play music at the Christmas party.

Norm’s Nonsense

Stevie Wonder and Tiger Woods were talking and Stevie said, "Tiger, I've been having trouble with my putting."

Tiger was surprised. "You play golf? But you're blind."

Stevie replied, "I know, but I just have my caddy put a beeper in the hole and I do pretty well. In fact, I'm usually under par."

"Hey, we should play a round sometime."

Stevie said, "Sure. Anytime. Pick a night."

Raffle Results

I think Sid Chauvin pulled the orange ball….could I have been mistaken?


Trade Relations with the Republic of Korea
Detail of John Wehrle mural
Consul General Bon-woo Koo

Lillian Koziol introduced our very distinguished guest The Honorable Bon-woo Koo, Consul General of the Republic of Korea in San Francisco.  Consul General Koo joined the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in 1980.  A graduate of Seoul National University, he has also studied international relations in France at the Institut National d’Administration Publique. 

Consul General Koo informed us that Korea and California have a long history dating back to the first Koreans setting foot in San Francisco from Hawaii.  During the 1945 liberation of Korea many Korean’s saw California as the land of opportunity for their hopes and dreams. Today, Korea is the 13th largest economy per GNP and one third of Korea’s exports go through California.  Korea is also the 5th largest market for California goods.  There is also a large human exchange with students from the United States going to Korea and vise versa.  

Consul General Koo stated that the US and Korea have stood by each other’s side for over half a century and it is his hope that that will continue into the future.  Korea has deep respect for the sacrifices the US made during the Korean War and is willing to support US global missions.  When asked about a possible unification of South Korea with North Korea, Consul General Koo indicated that if it does happen it will not be by force, but rather by a process of diplomacy and gradually improving relations.


Mele Kalikimaka from your Scribe,
The Menehune