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Our Next Meeting: January 29th

Mexican Consul General visits Rotary
Earl Kilmer

The Mexican Consul General, Carlos Felix Corona, visits Richmond Rotary, focusing his presentation on trade relations.

The Ambassador has extensive experience in trade, migration, human rights and boarder issues between the USA and EUM and has represented Mexico in Washington, S. Korea, Yugoslavia and in the Mexican Consulates in San Diego and Los Angeles



Last MEETING: January 22nd

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

Henry said that the Democrats better watch their backs – Obama’s and the Democrat’s idea that big government is the solution to all ills may be growing old with the electorate.  And by the way “say goodbye to heath care reform"! 

Visiting Rotarians

Earl Kilmer, our current District Governor, Laura Day and Gary Boyle, Assistant District Governors, were in attendance to today. There was also a fellow (sorry,didn't record his name, -MH) from the Albany club who was trying to promote and PBS Antique Roadshow type fundraiser. More on this later.

Rotarians with Guests

Henry Kelman brought his daughter to the club today.

Sunshine Report

Jan Brown reported that her dad, Don Hardison, was feeling better after his coronary surgery.


  • Earle Brown hyped the Crab Feed. “Be there at 6, and get started early – It looks like we have 160 members” he said.
  • We're sure there were other announcements but evidently the scribe dropped his pencil under the table. ;-)

Special Events

David Brown, Herb Cole, Glenn Daggs, and Stoney Stonework were honored for their Paul Harris plus 4 status by Earl Kilmer.

Happy and Sad Dollars

Jim Young lamented that City Richmond may lose the goose that lays the golden eggs, referring to recent (and probably untrue) report of Chevron’s possible closing of its Richmond Refinery.

Norm's Nonsense

You know you are getting old when...

-You order a 3-minute egg in a cafe and they ask for the money up front.

-You are faced with two temptations and you pick the one that will get you home earlier.


The visit of our District Governor

Earl Kilmer Earl Kilmer, our current District Governor, delivered a impassioned plea for greater membership development and international suppport. Seventeen very generous Paul Harris Society members in our club have made it the highest per capita Foundation donor in the District.

Much of Mr. Kilmer's speech addressed the familiar criticisms often voiced by local clubs:
• When we give money to the Foundation we never know where it goes.
• We have a whole lot of problems locally that our members want to spend their time and money on.
• International problems, though they may be worthy, are too abstract for our members to get their heads around.
• At our club Foundation donations often exceed money spent locally and thus weaken funding for our local programs.

Mr. Kilmer responded to these criticisms by reminding us that half of Foundation donations are returned to the district after a three year period and the other half is spent on international programs.

Notes prepared by your scribe, Mark Howe