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Our Next Meeting: February 5th

Joy of Romance Revisited
Earl Kilmer

Just in time for Valentine’s Day planning, Joy Nordenstrom returns to Richmond Rotary to remind those with short attention spans just how a little planning and consideration can enrich you and yours life and love.

Don’t miss Joy this time and consider bringing a date. Visit the Joy's website.



Last MEETING: January 29th

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

Prez Glenn opened the meeting by welcoming the members and guests. Monique led us in the pledge. Markku gave the blessing.

Visiting Rotarians

Bill Frank from Hercules and Pat Todhunter from El Cerrito

Rotarians with Guests

Liliane Koziol introduced her husband Ken
Allan Baer almost forgot to introduce his guest, Robert Davila
Earl Brown introduced his wife Phyllis
Judy Kafka with assistance from Margaret Morkowski introduced her guests: David Knight and Marilyn Brtie
Yvonne Nair introduced Rob Nachtwey from Craneway Pavilion.


Erle Brown announced that we made $4961 from the crab feed. 160 tickets were sold. Interact collected over $800 in tips.  Great job team.


Jonathan Lawlis was the recognition master.
John Nicol celebrated his 87th birthday. He donated $100.00 towards his daughter-in-law’s Paul Harris.
Rafael Madrigal celebrated his 47th birthday. Donated $100.00 to the Foundation.
Mark Grushayev celebrated his 1st anniversary in the club.  Mark donated $100.00 to the Foundation.

Happy and Sad Dollars

  • Yvonne Nair was happy for the design work that Laura Kuhn did to support a fundraising event for Saffron Strand, the non-profit organization that Yvonne directs.
  • Josh Genser gave a couple of dollars for a great time he had on the bird watching trip with Nick and Nel.
  • Barbara Daiz was happy to be back at the club.
  • Herb gave a report about the bus trip since no one else wanted to say anything about it. Herb said that John Nicol did a great job.  They had plenty of drinks.  Herb was impressed by how President Glenn, and Vice president, Allen helped the bus driver in putting the chains. (This is service above self).
  • Erle Brown was happy because he is going to Porta Vallarta for a month. Jonathan will visit them in PV, Erle will buy more drinks.
  • Glenn was happy that his daughter has joined a pre-teen junior Olympic team.
  • Ren Partridge was happy that his daughter-in-law is recovering from paralysis.  He is going on 17-day trip to Cairo.

Norm’s Nonsense

Sad guy at the door: "Lady, could you help out a family in your neighborhood? The father recently lost his job, the mother is too sick to work, the five kids have nothing to eat and the family is going to be evicted from their house for non-payment of rent."
Lady: "That's terrible, are you a friend of theirs?"
Sad guy: "No, I'm their landlord."

Raffle Results

Barbara Diaz drew a white ball.


Mexican Consul General visits Rotary

Earl KilmerLiliane Koziol introduced our speaker, the Mexican Consul General, Carlos Felix Corona. Mr. Corona has served in the Mexican Foreign affairs at different capacities in the USA, UN, South Korea and
the former Yugoslavia.  In Oct. 2009 he was promoted to the rank of ambassador.  Mr. Corona is married and has two children.

Mr. Corona concentrated his talk on the trade between Mexico, US and Canada. He stated the challenges facing North America’s economy and emphasized the need for cooperation between the three countries.

Mexico has 1,969 miles of borders with the US.  In 2008 Mexico had 21 million tourists, 25% came from the US. Official records show that there are one million US citizens living in Mexico. US citizens own ½ to 1.5 million 2nd homes in Mexico.

Mexico’s GDP is $1.473 trillion.  Inflation rate in 2009 was 3.57%.  Mexico’s economy is the 12th in the world and the second in Latin America.

The recent economic recession did not affect Mexico’s economy.  Unemployment in Mexico is 6% compared to 10% in the US.

Mr. Corona said that NAFTA has contributed to the strong economical growth in the region.  In 2009 Mexico had $5 billion trade with the US.  Mexico is the 3rd US economical partner.  Trade between Mexico and California created 40,482 jobs in California.

Mr. Corona expressed the need for labor and immigration reforms to harmonize the border crossing between the US and Mexico. He stated that the immigration reform system is broken.  He wants to change the law to match the reality.

- Rotating Scribe Nabil “Bill” Wahbeh