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’Business Mench’: from his mouth to your ear

Noah Alper, founder of Noah’s Bagels, visits Richmond Rotary to discuss, his book, his business “savvy and decency”; the joys of a financial success & the importance of providing for your family while conducting yourself with integrity and living a life of meaning.



Last Meeting: March 5th

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

President Glenn Daggs opened the meeting and asked Bob Dabney to lead the “Pledge.” Past President Stony Stonework asked the members for a moment of silence for peace and freedom in the world. Henry Kelman, in his thought for the day, mused that voters deserve what they get in the way of elected officials.


  • On behalf of President-Elect Alan Baer, Rafael Madrigal reminded Rotarians about the up-coming St. Patrick’s Day Rotary Mixer at Hs Lordship’s on March 17.  This event is sponsored by the I-80 corridor Rotary clubs and will be in lieu of the regular Friday meeting.
  • President Glen reminded everyone about the man shower for Bill Koziol and Josh Surowitz on Saturday, March 20, at 2:00 p.m.
  • Club Secretary, Jon Lawlis announced that the club will celebrate its 90th anniversary at the meeting on April 2.

Special Events
Jon Lawis conducted the induction of Michael Aronian into the Club with the assistance of Past President Herb Cole, his sponsor.


  • Recognitions Chair Don Lau called on Past President Erle Brown, newly returned from a month in Puerto Vallarta and looking tanned and relaxed, who celebrated his 75th birthday while in Mexico.  Erle had contributions for the Carl Rehfuss fund and for the Rotary Foundation.

Happy and Sad Dollars

  • Don Lau had happy dollars about the return of Past President Don Hardison to the club, and other members chipped in happy dollars in agreement.
  • Don was happy to be returning to the club and was thankful to those who had visited him during his recovery or sent get-well cards.  He explained about the innovative heart surgery he underwent at Stanford.
  • Dan Sanders was happy that his son has completed his MBA and that he has a job!
  • Rafael Madrigal was happy about Bob Dabney’s comments at Richmond City Council
  • Richard Alexander had sad and happy dollars—the latter regarding teacher layoffs and the former because of an enjoyable ski weekend with his son.



Law Enforcement in Contra Costa County

sewing shopPresident Glen introduced the speaker Mark Peterson, a current Contra Costa Deputy District Attorney and a candidate for District Attorney in the up coming elections.  Mr. Peterson has also served as a Concord City Councilman and as Mayor of that city.  He has been with the DA’s office since 1984 and has worked in all of its departments, participating in 110 jury trials, 25 murder cases, and five death penalty cases. 

Using a Power Point presentation, Mark described in graphic detail two murder cases he prosecuted—one in West County and the other in Pittsburg.  He also presented some of the current issues in law enforcement:

  • Misdemeanor prosecutions.
  • Civil jury injunctions.
  • The cost of incarceration ($47,000 per year per inmate).
  • The cost effectiveness of rehabilitation programs.
  • Prosecution of parents of truants as is being done in San Francisco with some success in lowering truancy rates.
  • Use of tasers by law enforcement, which he feels is an additional non-lethal option.
  • Medicinal marijuana clinics (He feels these are being greatly abused.) and legalization of marijuana in California.

- Ted Scribonius, Rotating Scribe