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Meeting of June 18TH

Parliamentary Democracy in the United Kingdom

The Honorable Julian Evans, Consul General

The Honorable Julian Evans Consul General of the United Kingdom in San Francisco will discuss the parliamentarian system of democracy and the recent election for British Prime Minister.

We may come away with a better understanding—and perhaps appreciation—of an electoral process involving more than two parties in real contention.



Last Meeting: June 11th

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

Prez Glenn Daggs rang the ‘glass’ as the bell was left back at Mira Vista as we met at La Strada (great food!).  There was quite a rush for that food too when Glenn shushed most of the club out of the bar and into the meeting. The flag was saluted and Markuu lead the invocation.

Visiting Rotarians

San Pablo Rotary was well represented by their incoming President Doug Millar and member Bradley Ward.

Rotarians with Guests

  • Ted Abreu introduced Bill (regrettably we didn’t catch Bill’s last name) who visited the club to ‘check us out’. Bill is a retired Social Security administrator who lives at Hilltop and mad an eloquent description of Chadd’s Ford in West Chester county Pennsylvania, “…one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.” Bill is considering joining Rotary so say ‘hello’ to him at MVCC.
  • Jim Young introduced Anna Estrada, Business Banker from the Wells Fargo on MacDonald Ave.

Sunshine Report

Bill ‘Bill K’ Koziol gave a Sunshine Report of a sort reporting that it was good to be back at the club and that his new baby daughter has just gotten over her first cold. Everybody else is OK as far as we know.


  • Alan Baer provided cost information for a couple of key upcoming events. Admission price for the I-80 Rotary Clubs’ day at the Oakland Museum on Saturday, July 17, is $12 for adults, $6 for kids aged 9-17, and free for kids aged 8 or younger.
  • The Saturday, August 7, A’s baseball game against the Texas Rangers at the Oakland Coliseum will cost $25 per person (the seating section is better than last year and it’s fireworks night). Sign up for both events with Alan.
  • Alan Blavins speaking in his native English reminded the club that the Counsel General for the United Kingdom will be visiting the club next week and that, “It is a big deal”, so bring lots of guests. (Topic – The recent parliamentary elections.)


Jim ‘The Beav’ Beaver got up to do recognitions but started by thanking Marku for introducing him as his guest “Jerry (Mathers?) Beaver.  (We’ll never know.)
Beav asked Paul Allen to stand up and tell us about his anniversary. Paul said he and Chris celebrated their 12th wonderful year together with a dinner at Lelimes on the Albany/Berkeley line. “It was great”
Beav wasn’t done with Marku Pelanne and wanted to know what Marku was going to do to celebrate his B-Day. Marku said he was celebrating with a trip to San Diego and that it was his 63rd birthday.  Happy Birthday Marku.

Happy Dollars (The Beav decreed no Sad $$ today)

  • Josh Genser had Happy $$ because this is the evening of the first Pt. Richmond Music Festival. Josh invited the club up to his office with its deck overlooking the festivities and is pouring “cheap Rotary wine and good scotch”. Josh was also really Happy his daughter is home from Stanford for the sum as, “I miss her”.
  • David Brown had Sad $$ anyway as he will miss the Counsel General program and the Demotion. Brown & Brown Esq. (Ret.) will be celebrating their anniversary, Cheryl’s birthday, life in general (??) and David will be helping Cheryl after she has her knee operation.
  • Hank Covell was Happy he talked to Father Chris who is doing well in LA but will soon be returning to Salesian HS and just maybe Richmond Rotary.
  • Michael Gill had Happy $$ for his son turning 13 and for his first business related scheduled speaking engagement coming up in Mexico City.
  • Bill Koziol had Happy $$ as well as Sunshine Report for his daughter’s post first cold health.

Raffle Results

The raffle died and went to Sacramento.

Norm's Nonsense

Strange advertising...

- On a recent trip to Southern California I saw an ad in the Los Angeles Times for an auto radiator repair shop which had this slogan: "A good place to take a leak."

- Some time ago in the Sacramento area a tanning salon promised: "You'll be the toast of the town."



The 511 Transportation Planning Service


After a few ‘insider’ jokes about the coincidence of names in their respective families, Jim Young introduced Linda Young (no known relation) the Program Manager for 511 Contra Costa and the West Contra Costa Transportation Advisory Committee (WCCTAC). Linda administers a series of programs for West County that are supported by revenue from ‘Measure C’ which funded the Metropolitan Transportation Commissions long term efforts to reduce highway congestion and vehicle air pollution in the Bay Region. The ‘big daddy of all these projects is the 4th bore for the Caldecott Tunnel, but the WCCTAC ‘think local’ efforts run the gamut from the relatively well know ‘511’ transportation information service via phone and the net to Linda’s ‘best kept secret’, the “Guaranteed Ride Home”. This is a program for van and car pool commuters that provides a guaranteed, prepaid by WCCTAC, ride home via taxi for big and little emergencies that might keep a worker late at the office or require they return home (like a sick child at school) making their normal travel arrangements useless.

Linda told use about her basket of programs, each one a little thing, but the kind of little things that when they are all used add up to more flexibility in the daily commute and less private cars on the road. Rather than get Linda’s message wrong, here are a bunch of links to the 511 web site so you can check out options for yourself or your business. Did I mention the cash subsidies for individual and group participation? Oh, I guess you’ll have to read the web site:

Car Pooling
Van Pooling
Guaranteed Rid Home
Casual Carpooling
Real Time Traffic Info.
Biking or Walking (What a concept!)

Thank you Linda Young for being our ‘go to, to get around’ lady in West County.

-Your Rotating Editor, Jim Young