The Flywheel

Meeting of June 25TH

Demotion - and the Secret Life of Glenn Daggs

Glenn Daggs the golfer

Bid a fond farewell to President Glenn Daggs who will have his last bell-ringing day in the high court of Richmond Rotary. The Secret Life of Glenn Daggs will finally be revealed as we usher in a new era, and our next fearless leader, President-Elect Alan Baer.



Last Meeting: June 18th

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

Pinch hitting again, soon-to-be Prez Alan Baer called the meeting to order.  Bruce Harter led us in the Pledge and Stoney offered us a prayer for peace, freedom and justice for all. 

Visiting Rotarians

Doug Millar San Pablo, Richard Bowen from PA, Jerry and Judy Cates Pinole, John Clinton, Marin.

Rotarians with Guests

  • Tom Butt brought at table full of guests including Steve Duran, Eric the translator and a delegation from Richmond’s Sister City of Zhejiang: Li Yungmei, Li Zhenhia, Du Yan and Sun Zhongjian;
  • Josh Surowitz brought Bobby Bell;
  • Herb Cole was with old buddy Alan Streeter;
  • EJ Shallaby with Chad Davidson;
  • Ted Abrue with friend Joan Oliver and
  • Sid Chauvin with wife Zelpha.

Sunshine Report

Everyone seemed to be OK.


  • Rafael Madrigal reminded all of the upcoming Rotary night at the A’s Saturday August 7 v. Texas
  • Pam Jones reminded us of the cultural opportunity to visit the Oakland Museum Saturday 7/17 with the other I-80 Rotary Clubs.
  • Pam also invited all to the Demotion of Glenn Daggs, our outgoing Prez, on June 25.  “Take a Shot at Glenn”….no guns involved only drinking.

Special Events

  • Sweet Erle Brown informed us that we were at $25k+ for our donations to the Foundation.  Erle wants to remind all who have not given to make sure you do by June 30!!!!!
  • Red Badger Yvonne Nair…got her well deserved Blue Badge.


Joe “Swampy” Bagley had the honor of recognizing Judy Kafka who was proud to be 74 and looking forward to the quarter century mark.  Jan Brown could not get dollars out fast enough to stop the singing that celebrated her birthday on Friday.  And dad Don Hardison was recognized for 68 years of wedded bliss with Betty.

Happy and Sad Dollars

Jim Young will soon be a grandfather, Jon Lawlis announced that he will not be with us for a month due to travel and got a round of applause, Herb Cole was glad to made Norma’s 50th school reunion at her all girls school…lots of drinks and lots of women, Bruce Harter was proud of the 7 graduations he attended over the weekend and the number of graduates going on to college all over the country.

Raffle Results

The raffle died and went to Sacramento.

Norm's Nonsense

A salesman from Budweiser went to the Vatican to get an audience with the Pope, and said, "Holy Father, I'm prepared to give you ten million dollars to change the words of the Lord's Prayer to 'give us this day our daily beer.'" The Pope refused. "Okay, fifty million." The Pope refused again, and the salesman said, "Okay, here's my card, call me if you change your mind." When the salesman left the Pope got on the phone and said, "Monsignor--it's me. Tell me, when does our contract with General Mills expire?"



Parliamentary Democracy in the United Kingdom


Lillian Kosial introduced Hon. Julian Evans, Consul General British Consulate-General, San Francisco.  Mr. Evans was born in Gorseinon in South Wales.  A graduate of University College of the University of London with an Honors degree in Geography. Mr. Evans has served as Heal of the Afghanistan Emergency Unit, Deputy High Commissioner to Pakistan, and Deputy High Commissioner to Canada before his assignment in San Francisco. He is married to Gayle and has 2 daughters.

Mr. Evans’ presentation was informative as well as entertaining.  He spoke about the recent May 6th election which resulted in no majority party in the Parliament. The Conservatives and Labor parties are forced to build a coalition with other parties.  There are 100 political parties in England like “Less Tax on Beer” party. Issues include a very high deficit, relations with Scotland and Whales.  Mr. Evans indicated that the National Health program that was started after WWII is never an issue that any party would seek to eliminate.  He also indicated that the relations between England and the US often rely more on the relationship between Prime Minister and the President than on politics.

-The Menehune, Rotating Scribe