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Meeting of July 2nd

Club Dark - Enjoy the July 4 Weekend!

Hornet Splashdown

THE CLUB WILL BE DARK JULY 2ND IN CELEBRATION OF THE FOURTH OF JULY WEEKEND. See you July 9 for President Baer's first Splashdown meeting and a post July 4 celebration with the USS Hornet Museum!



Last Meeting: June 25th

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

Given the large amount of nonsense and BS scheduled for today’s meeting it started more or less on time with almost X Prez Glenn ringing the bell for the last time and his lovely daughter, Camryn Daggs, leading the club in the Pledge of Allegiance. Philosopher- Entrepreneur Henry Kelman's thought for the day: "Out with the old, in with the new, bye bye Glenn".

Visiting Rotarians

With the exception of Glenn’s lovely children, Camryn and Kade, your slightly late Scribe did not notice any other guests.

Rotarians with Guests

  • None of these either, unless you want to include the elusive Rotarian and almost X-Prez Glenn’s, x-partner – in - law Enos Johnson.

Sunshine Report

When this reporter finally got his pen working, Sunshine Reporter Bill ‘Bill K.’ Koziol was performing a memory experiment in which members were asked questions about Glenn’s many attributes and qualities.  Each time they ‘got it right’ they received from Sidney ‘Of the Internet’ Chauvin a shot of something reported to be from John Nicol’s past called ‘Between the Sheets’. While no one seemed to suffer from ill effects caused by ‘Between the Sheets’, there were some pretty interesting answers to Bill K’s queries, a sample of which are remembered here:

  • What is Glenn’s largest body part? – Feet (Someone else yelled out ‘head’).
  • What famous Hollywood personality is Glenn related to? - Charlie Chan (This was seen as a trick question as there were four different Charlie Chan’s over the years but we suspect that it is the Swedish actor Warren Oland. Marilyn Chambers was not the right answer.)
  • How many of the traditional virtues does Glenn regularly exhibit? – Three, (they weren’t listed).
  • What sport did Glenn excel at in his youth? –Figure skating.
  • How much money has Glenn won in one sitting of blackjack? - >$1,200.


Special Events

  • Demotion (see Program)


But not the end of the program as Glenn was recognized as a model ‘big brother’ by his younger brother Victor in an open letter read by Pam. For his part, Glenn recognized his Board of Directors (Past Prez Mark Howe, VP Alan Baer, Treasurer David Brown, Secretary Jonathan Lawlis, Sergeant-at-arms John Nicol, Sid Chauvin, Josh Surowitz, Nick Despota, Liliane Koziol, Rafael Madrigal, and Bill Koziol) and Program Director Jim Young and Back-Up Pam Jones, for their service to him and the club giving them all a nice set of Rotary cuff links.  He also challenged President Alan Baer to get a long sleeve shirt to go with the cuff links. Glenn thanked the whole club for supporting his term recognizing that as a single parent and businessman he could not have done what he did without a lot of support. As a parting memento, Pam pinned Glenn with his Past President Pin with the comment that it is the first badge with his name spelled right. All those years on the RPD he was Glenn Diggs..

In extra special recognition, Glenn held up as Rotarians of the Year, Erle Brown for his efforts to advance the Rotary International Foundation and Laura Kuhn for her exemplary support of the Nevin Center Project and all things Rotary that benefitted from her professional communication and display/advertizing skills.

As the Program sank slowly into 1:30 adjournment, X-Prez Pam thanked X-Prez Mark Howe for delegating the Program to her and Mark Howe thanked Pam for doing such a good job.  With that, New President Alan Baer rang his first bell, ending one Rotary year and starting another.

Norm's Nonsense

-A guy walks into a bar with his dog and says to the bartender: "Will you give me a free drink if I make this dog talk?" Bartender: "Sure, let's hear him." The guy says to his dog: "What is over our head?" "The dog says: "RRRoof!" The guy then asks the dog: "What is sandpaper like?" The dog says: "RRRuff!" Bartender: "Now wait a minute." The guy says: "Wait till you hear this, and asks the dog" "Who was the greatest baseball player of all time?" The dog says: "RRRuth!" With that the bartender threw them out of the bar. Once outside the dog said to his owner? "Should I have said DiMaggio?"
–Norm Foley



Demotion of President Glenn Daggs


Our special event of the day was Rotary Productions presentation (Pam Jones Producer, Lillian Koziol Director) of “TRUE LIES – The Secret Life of G”. The story begins in April 1958 at Glenn’s humble beginnings, a baby with his eye already on bigger things. From baby to casting call to Ivory Snow to (Do you believe this?) Ivory Snow endorsements with well, you guessed it, Marilyn Chambers.

Glenn quickly moved through the sitcoms of the life and the 1960s &‘70s into high school. They say flattery is the highest form of compliment and it is fair to say that Glenn’s ‘afro’, sung the praises of Anglia Davis. As a young adult Glenn’s continuing fascinations with Hollywood and TV identities took him into the action genre, shows where a guy with ‘fro has a place to go, Mod Squad & Miami Vice.

Did somebody say something about ‘x’-prez Daggs.  What about ‘xxx’-prez Daggs? (Do you believe this?) Glenn graduating from action TV to ‘action’ movies to blacplotation flicks to where the real action is, the Richmond Police Department. While Glenn’s original request to be put on the vice squad was denied, he received extensive experience in police communications in the RPD typing pool. Glenn’s communication skills became so impressive he was moved to the narcotics Task Force in the apparent belief that, with his partner-in-law Enos, he would be able to talk people out of lives of crime. What is most amazing about Glenn’s time on the Task Force is that he (and maybe Enos too) actually did ‘talk’ at least one person out of the ‘hood. That would be Rapper Rodney Alamo ‘Disco Alamo’ Brown who was so impressed by Glenn and company that he wrote a song of the same name about the “Task Force” that became commercially successful. In the biggest surprise of this Demotion, X-Prez Pam rang up Disco Alamo at his home in Hawaii. Disco wished Glenn well and thanked him for “showing the community some respect”, saying they’d get together the next time he’s in Richmond. Glenn thanked Disco for the kind words and said he’d bring him to Rotary ‘next time you’re in town’. (Do you believe this?)

After the RPD and a stint teaching policing at the Napa Police Academy, Glenn opened his business OSS International combining his first love of celebrity and entertainers with his second love, protective authority. This was all documented with pictures provided by X-Prez Pam showing; Glenn protecting Oprah; Glenn protecting Bill Gates, and; Glenn protecting HRH Queen Elizabeth II (Do you believe this?)

– Rotating Editor, Jim Young