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Next Meeting: October 29th

Casino San Pablo

A day at the Casino

Richmond born and bred Lonnie Coleman, Accounting Manager at Casino San Pablo, desribes what goes on in a typical day at the casino.


Last Meeting: October 22nd

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

Alan Baer called the meeting to order at Mira Vista.  Henry Moe led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Herb Cole asked that we focus on Peace, Freedom and Justice. Henry Kelman requested that we exercise our right to vote and make our political selection.   

Visiting Rotarians

Visiting Rotarians included Mike Mahoney of the El Sobrante Club and Tracy Giles, Past President of the El Cerrito Club.      

Rotarians with Guests

Don Hardison’s guest was Byron Brown, who recently retired from the Alameda County’s Public Defenders Office after 34 years.  Michael Gill’s guest was co-worker, Rob Rocha. 


  • Club Treasurer, David Brown reported the recent board approved expenditures including:
    Peres’ Teachers – each received $100 for a total of $3,100
    Richmond Police Activities League - $500
    GRIP – for our series of winter dinners - $1,000
    Richmond and El Cerrito Fire Departments’ food and toy drive - $500
  • Sid Chauvin invited everyone to the Rotary’s Reno Intercity Train Trip 2011 which will place Friday, January 21st and Saturday January 22nd. Check the website for prices and then send your checks to David Brown.  Sid will be glad to give you more information.
  • Don’t forget your volunteer days in Richmond Rotary’s project of serving dinner at GRIP’s Souper Kitchen on Wednesday, October 27th.  It will be held at their 22nd Street center from 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm. Schedule. Thanks to  Bob Dabney for organizing Richmond Rotary participation.
  • Alan invited everyone to participate in the Polio-Plus walk this Sunday at 11 am in San Francisco.  Call Alan for info.

Special Events

  • Pam Jones reminded everyone that the District Conference will be held November 4-7 in Sacramento with the Friday night event to be held in Old Sacramento at the State Railroad Museum. Reservations may be made on line.
  • Don’t forget to check-out the Richmond Rotary Calendar on this website. It will bring you up-to-date on all of our events.
  • Mark their calendars for our luncheon meeting and tour of the Chevron Richmond Refinery to be held on Friday, February 4, 2011.


  • Joe Bagley talked with Charlie Wong this week to wish Charlie Happy 85th Birthday for October 23rd.  Charlie asked Joe to say “Hello” to everyone.  Joe encouraged us to give Charlie a call.
  • Alan Baer presented Henry Moe with a certificate of appreciation for all of his efforts supporting Richmond Rotarian programs at Salesian High School.

Happy and Sad Dollars

  • Glenn Daggs contributed his happy dollars to thank Jim Beaver and Leslie Levy for hosting the Rotary Auction item of the President’s Dinner for all of the lucky bidders. We all had a great time.  Glenn also mentioned the happy events that took place in Chile this week with the successful rescue of the 33 miners.
  • Jim Beaver encouraged Bill Koziol success to enforce the rules for today’s program.   
  • Charlie Fender had happy dollars to celebrate his wife Clovel’s recovery and soon to be homecoming.
  • EJ Shalaby announced that will be joining Josh Surowitz and Bill Koziol as new fathers. EJ’s wife is 16 weeks pregnant with twin boys.  EJ said “Ben & Jerry” are the current name place holders for the boys. Congratulations from all of us EJ.
  • Tracy Giles of the El Cerrito Club announced that their $50,000 pediatric orthopedics project in Nepal is now completed and thanked our club for their participation. 
  • Michael Gill had happy dollars in celebration of the good job his son Jasper did in his Bar Miztvah last month.

Norm’s Nonsense

Little boy: "Grandma, c'mon outside and learn how to play football with me and my friends."
Grandmother: "I can't play football with you kids."
Little boy: "Well daddy said that when you kick-off, we're getting a new car."


Candidates for District Attorney State their Views

Dan O'Malley    Mark Peterson

Jim Young introduced our speakers for today: Mark Peterson and Dan O’Malley, candidates for District Attorney of Contra Costa County.  Jim as moderator for program, outline the structure for the presentation which included opening statements, responses to questions presented by Jim and closing statements.  

In his opening statement Dan mentioned his qualifying experience as a retired Superior Court Judge, 14 years with the District Attorney’s Office and 3 years in private practice.  He declared he would challenge the status quo, protect victims and take violent felons off the street. He stressed that youth programs are the best crime prevention.  He would get rid of the “good old boys club” that exists in the DA’s office. 

In addition to his 25 years of prosecution experience, Mark stressed that he brings to the office the experience in balancing a budget (Concord City Council) and management. His 5 major priorities would be gang injunctions, the prosecution of misdemeanors, ankle bracelets for sex offenders, crime prevention and changes within the DA’s office.

Jim’s questions of the candidates addressed domestic crime and West County’s disproportionate amount of violent crime, including multi-generational crime families and probation issues.  Both candidates oppose Proposition 19 which would legalize marijuana. Jim also asked each of them to discuss their position on undocumented/illegal aliens and on various ways to save money on the prosecution of non-violent offenders.  Jim also asked if they would consider a process which would allow those convicted of non-violent crimes complete a program which would remove the conviction from their record.

The candidates’ responses were both thought provoking and informative.  Please refer to the following candidate’s Web Sites for additional information.  Dan O’Malley -  and  Mark Peterson -

- Rotating Scribe, Margaret Morkowski