The Flywheel

Next Meeting: Friday, December 31

Janus is the Roman god of gates and doors, of beginnings and endings. Thanks to his ability to look both backward and forward, we prevailed upon him to make an appearance here.

Past President Pam Jones and President-elect EJ Shalaby will lead a discussion of the Rotary Envisioning Proces undertaken about a year ago.

The Envisioning Process was dedicated to setting goals and directions for the Richmond Rotary. So how are we doing, and where are we going?

The last day of year offers the perfect prod for future tense thinking. And we think we'll see you there.


December 17th HOLIDAY PARTY

Enos with toys

A thought about philanthropy

Rotarians do a lot of giving during the month of December, both within and outside of our club. The very successful Holiday Auction, and last week's Holiday Party (where we collected dozens of toys to donate to children of Richmond) illustrate this quality.

In the spirit of looking forward, Jim Young wanted to share the following thought on the future of philanthropy.

"Philanthropy, whether stimulated by our brain's internal reward systems, cultural norms, or spiritual admonition, will become very important in America of the 21st Century."

"By my reckoning there are only four fundamental sources of ‘cash flow’ or economic value: capital creation, philanthropy, redistribution/taxation and money printing."

"We are past America’s great era of capitalization. I believe that philanthropy is the only way to avoid the inherent instability and political confrontations of the latter two sources of value—although they both need to be used with ‘skill and daring’ to create a new kind of value relationship that goes beyond market theory and the creation of demand."