The Flywheel

Next Meeting: Friday, June 3rd

Mount Diablo's Galactic Views

Astronomical instruments more modest than the Hubble Telescope, which produced the image below, provide views of our universe from the observatory at Mount Diablo's 3,200 foot lower summit. High school astronomy teacher Jon Wilson returns to offer a visual feast of unaltered astronomical photos made at this local observatory. Jon will also discuss future plans for the observatory and its potential for public and school outreach.

Hubble Telescope image of the Sombrero Galaxy

Meeting of Friday, May 27th

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

On a gloomy overcast Friday President Alan brightened our day by ringing the bell and calling us to order. The ever popular, but lately missing Dan Tanita led us in the Pledge. Stoney offered a moment of silence for freedom, peace and justice. Henry Kelman’s thought was rather sobering for Giants’ fan since “Buster is busted.”

Rotarians with Guests

Jan Brown’s guest was hubby Byron. Edgar DeLeon brought Dan Levindor, Al Revelli and Manny
Dealba from EC Honda. Erle Brown had his beautiful wife Phyllis along to keep an eye on him. Doris Mitchell, for the last time, was introduced as a visitor.

Sunshine Report

Papa Bill Kozial has nothing to report…which is good news.


Prez Alan reported that San Pablo/Pinole Rotary will be celebrating 40 years of service. Since Richmond was their sponsor they would like for anyone who may have stories about how it all got started to share them their Club. The celebration will be June 18.

Special Events

Prez Alan welcomed Doris Mitchell to our Club. Doris was given a standing ovation. Welcome Doris!


Jimmy “The Beav” started by Recognizing Bill Wahbeh who was celebrating an “0” birthday. Happy 70th Bill…you are looking good! Next up was young-at-heart Ralph Hill celebrating his (whispered…88th) birthday. Keep that young spirit Ralph!

Happy and Sad Dollars

David Brown was happy to be playing JP Sousa marching music this Memorial Day weekend and “breaking wind” (Beav’s term) with the West County Winds on 6/12; Erle was happy to see Ralph who will soon be recognized as a “major” donor (+$10k) and happier to see a “healthy” Stoney in attendance; Michael Gil was happy for his 14 year old son and for Edgar’s guests; Jan Brown was sad about Buster but sadder that dad Don Hardison took a spill...Best Wished Don for a speedy recovery! Leslie Levy was happy to point out that only during the last 24 years of Richmond Rotary’s 91 years in existence have women been welcomed in Rotary; Dan Tanita gave something for a birthday and anniversary that were missed (what honesty, anyone else need to fess up?) and was happy that his daughter has been accepted into a doctoral program at Florida International; Glenn Daggs was happy to be back alive from PV; Hank Covell was happy his 14 year old grandson was off to Florida for some scuba diving; Jim Young asked all of us to have positive thoughts for his brother-in-laws battle with leukemia.

Norm's Nonsense

A young woman saw a funeral procession going by: a black hearse, followed by an older woman leading a pit bull on a leash, and after that another hearse, then followed by a line of two hundred women walking single file.

The young woman walked up to the older woman and said, "I'm sorry to intrude on your moment of grief, but I can't help asking, whose funeral is this?"

The woman said, "Well my husband is in that hearse up there. The pit bull killed him when it discovered him with his girlfriend. She's in that hearse back there."

The young woman said, "Can I borrow that dog?"

The old woman replied, "Get in line."


Richmond Rotarians pitch in for Teen Moms

Jan Brown gave a brief history of the Teen Mother’s Program sponsored by our Club. In 1996, the YMCA opened infant/toddler centers at Kennedy and Richmond High Schools with the help of the Rotary Club. These centers, which provide quality care for the children during the school day, also support the teen parents so they can complete high school and graduate.

Rhonda Harris, who started the program, told us how the program got started. Six years ago, her daughter who was a high school student wanted to do a baby shower for a girl at her school who was pregnant. Because they couldn’t do a shower, Rhonda and her daughter decided to give her a gift basket with items she would need for her new baby. Taking that a step further, Rhonda’s daughter asked if they could do that for all of the girls who were pregnant or who had babies. Rhonda gave credit to her daughter for being her inspiration for spearheading this program.

Now in the 6th year, Rotary will be providing 49 gift bags to teen moms at Kennedy and Richmond High Schools. The meeting was then adjourned and all who were present got the opportunity to fill at least one bag. Rotarians were asked to also write notes of encouragement to the teen moms that were placed in the bags. Thanks Rhonda and Jan for your leadership in keeping this valuable program going!

- Your Scribe, The Menehune