The Flywheel

Next Meeting: July 22nd

"Who am I?"

Richmond Rotarians hear from members who gave their original “Who Am I” speeches decades ago.

Meeting of Friday, July 15th

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

New President EJ Shalaby welcomed the group on this nice Summer day. Pam led the Pledge and Stoney provided the invocation.

Rotarians with Guests

Joshua Surowitz brought Angel Ruiz Blanco, an attorney from Seville, Spain, who lives in the Bay Area.


Jim Beaver had a few recognitions, but none of them were here. We will find you…

Happy and Sad Dollars

Glenn Daggs was happy to have a nice new client for OOS.

John Nicol was happy his daughter was visiting.

Nick Despota was happy his job was made easier because no one raised their hand when he asked if anyone had used eBay in the last year. That quick survey told him that building an online auction on the Richmond Rotary website to juice-up next year's holiday fundraiser probably isn't such a good idea after all. Saves lots of time. Happy happy! [That probably merited more than a buck. -N.D.]

...and speaking of the Rotary website

Two weeks ago your webmaster failed to post the notes for one of the most eventful gatherings of the year— the Demotion of former President Alan Baer.
Mea culpa and here ya go.

Norm's Nonsense

A young man applied for a Bookkeeper job. "Can you do double-entry" he was asked.
"No problem," he replied, "and I can do triple-entry too."
"Sure. One for the working partner showing the true profits, another for the sleeping partner showing small profits, and a third for the tax authorities showing a loss."


Your Rotary International Dollars at Work

We were lucky to be joined by Concord Rotarian Mike Barrington, who plays a special role in the worldwide impact and reputation of the Rotary - conducting audits of RI Foundation grants, the application of funds, and their success at meeting their stated objective.

Mike showed all of us just how important our Rotary International donations are, by presenting a fascinating slide-show with vivid images, including:

  • Educational, water and health projects in Ethiopia and Honduras
  • A self-contained medical ship in Ghana
  • An ambulance project in Mexico towns where they previously had none
  • A project in Eastern Russia that led to the inoculation of 250,000 children
  • A prosthetics project in Ecuador.

There is no overstating the impact these projects, with Mike’s invaluable help, have had on the local populations they serviced.

- Rotating Editor, Josh Surowitz