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Next Meeting: August 19th

Understanding the Dream Act

Richmond Rotarian Josh Surowitz Esq., a practicing immigration law attorney, discusses this controversial immigrant reform legislation: What it is, what it is not and the costs and benefits it assesses on its qualified individuals and society as a whole


Meeting of Friday, August 12th

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

President EJ Shalaby welcomed the group. After the Pledge, and Stoney provided the invocation. Henry Kelman’s thought was that the Tea Party had taken control of congress because the rules allow a minority to dictate policy in US government.

Rotarians with Guests

Jim Young was accompanied by Charlene Smith.
Henry Kelman was once again joined by his brother.


Announcements were made but, alas, not recorded.

But did you notice that you can now pay your annual dues right here, starting with a click of the button in the left colum?  No need to bother with checks, envelopes and stamps. And to our treasurer's delight, the online transactions simplify the accounting. So what are you waiting for?

Happy and Sad Dollars

Joan Davis was happy that she had moved into a new office.
Herb Cole was happy his good friend Don Hardison was with us.
Hank Covell was very sad to report former Richmond Rotarian Bobby Miller had passed away.
David Brown was very sad that his sister has been diagnosed with Lymphoma.
Don Lau was sad to learn about Bobby Miller but was happy he was such a great guy and quite the Rotarian, and taught him a lot about doing lively auctions.
Sid Chauvin was happy that after returning from Russia, he received some mail from a Rotarian in Australia with some Banners.

Norm's Nonsense

A UFO lands on Earth and happens to be on a city street in front of a parking meter. The Martian gets out of his craft and is looking at the parking meter when a guy comes walking down the sidewalk.
The Martian asks him" "Pardon me sir, do you have change for a Zollop?"

- Rotating Editor, Josh Surowitz


Chevron's Richmond Renewal Project

On Friday we were happy to be joined by Jordan Baucam from the Chevron Richmond Refinery, who provided information about the company’s new project and answered questions. Last January the Club visited Chevron for a hosted lunch and a bus tour of the Richmond Refinery. As part of the tour, we saw the uncompleted construction of Chevron's Richmond Renewal Project. According to Chevron, the project represents a significant capital investment for the Refinery and replaces older equipment with newer, cleaner technologies to improve operations and conserve energy.

Chevron states that the project will also put 1,000 people back to work and bring revenues for the city of Richmond. Chevron has recently submitted an application to obtain permits to restart the Project and is eager for the community to learn more about it.

Chevron’s prior attempt to go forward with these operations were prevented through litigation, pending four issues being adequately addressed:

  1. The types and properties of crude oil to be refined,
  2. The level of Chevron’s investment in the community,
  3. What will be done with the expended hydrogen, and
  4. The extent of harmful emissions into the environment.

Chevron has conducted due diligence and believes that an environmental impact report by the city of Richmond and an independent firm, and other considerations will be satisfactory

-Rotating Editor, Josh Surowitz