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Next Meeting: August 26th

New Priorities Initiative

Betty Brown, lifelong peace activist and member of East Bay Peace Action describes the New Priorities Initiative, a national agenda that rejects the logic of endless warfare in foreign lands.


Meeting of Friday, August 19th

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

On a gloomy, gray summer day in Richmond the meeting was called to order by Prez EJ Shalaby who asked Michelle Itagaki to lead us in the Pledge to the Flag.  Stoney offered a moment of silent prayer for peace, freedom and justice.  The thought for the day was offered by Henry Kelman who was of the opinion that the Republicans were driving us back to a Recession.  Happier thoughts will be given on Joke Day in 2 weeks.

Rotarians with Guests

Bob Dabney had as his guest old friend, retired nurse and great person (editor inside information) Glenda Hammonds, EJ’s guest and no stranger to Club Chad Davidson from the City of Richmond, Edgar Deleon’s guest was Mohammed Riahi.


  • David Brown had 2 announcements:
    1. Due are due and payable in any number of ways: cash, check, and credit card online (see left column). Cost: $200.
    2. School starts August 23! We are again planning on giving each classroom teacher at Peres $100.  Members please send your donation to David ASAP!
  •  Has-been Prez Alan Baer gave an update on the A’s game…which now should be history.  The question is what did Pam Jones’ coconuts have to do with the game?
  • Prez EJ announced that we will be having a Halloween Event on October 28.  I think there is some mystery around exactly what it is, but he is looking for volunteers.  So…Save the Date and start designing your Halloween Costume.

Special Events

  • Joan Davis, Foundation Chair, reminded all that we should be donating at least $100 per year to the Foundation.  We are so modern that you can actually do it online (left column, once again).


The ever dapper and suave Jimmy “The Beav” presided over Recognitions calling on Dan Sander who celebrated a birthday with a check to the Foundation, but was quick to indicate that his “biological” age was much lower. Going with that theme, Stoney offered a donation for his Anniversary and indicted that taking 10 years off his age that he was “11 years old” when he got married.  Bob Dabney and Cheryl will celebrate their 19th Anniversary this weekend.  Beav, celebrating his 31st Anniversary, offered a donation to the Carl Rehfuss Fund which is his favorite Rotary fund.

Happy and Sad Dollars

Alan Blavins was happy that his son texted him that he caught a world record carp in England; Jim Young was sad that his daughter was moving to Singapore soon than anticipated; EJ was happy to report that his twins are now 6 months old and doing well!

Norm's Nonsense

-The playwright, George Bernard Shaw was at a banquet and seated next to an attractive, refined woman. After awhile he leaned over to her and said:
"Would you go to bed with me for a million dollars?"
She replied: "For a million dollars, yes!"
Mr. Shaw then asked her: "Would you go to bed with me for two dollars?"
Lady: "Sir, what do you think I am?"
Mr. Shaw: "We've already established that, we are just haggling now!"



The Dream Act

Jim Young introduced our speaker for the day the bold, buff, bright and beautiful Josh Surowitz (that’s how we editors treat our fellow editors!).  The DREAM (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors) Act would allow youth who enter the US illegally as minors 15 years of age or younger who meet certain criteria to be granted conditional residence and must within n6 months enroll in college, enlist in the military and then meet additional requirements. They can be disqualified if they commit crimes, get a dishonorable discharge or commit other acts as outlined in the law.

Josh is a supporter of the DREAM Act, as was/is our last 2 presidents, Bush and Obama. Josh shared some interesting facts with us. Over 3 million students graduated high school last year and about 65,000 were illegal aliens. Despite popular belief, Josh believes that most illegal aliens are paying taxes.  In 2005, Department of Defense officials came out in favor of the DREAM Act because of the crisis in recruiting for the military. There was also a discussion about whether the US is really serious regarding deporting illegal aliens since they do allow business to produce products at a reduced cost. For more information and maybe more accurate information than I can provide please talk to Josh.

-Rotating Editor: The Menehune, Don Lau