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Next Meeting: October 21st

Elder Financial Abuse

Samantha Sepehr Esq., Director Attorney of The Elder Law Center, visits Richmond Rotary to describe the sad reality of elder financial abuse.

The program will consider the ‘red flags’ of financial abuse, how to help protect seniors from financial abuse, and the services of the Elder Law Center.


Meeting of Friday, October 14tH

Once again we must apologize for not having last week's meeting notes available for posting today. The scribe encountered technical difficulties en route to publication, and we had to "go to press" without them.

And also once again, Norm has delivered another bunch of chuckles.

Norm's Nonsense

A painter got a call from the gallery that was showing his work. The gallery owner said, "I have good news and bad news. A fellow came in this morning and asked if your work is the kind that would increase in value after the artist's death. I said yes, and he bought all fifteen paintings. The bad news is that he's your doctor."