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Next Meeting: November 18th

A visit from the District Governor

Dave "The Rave" Dacus, our District Governor, will visit our club on Friday.

Every District Governor brings a different perspective to the meaning of being a Rotarian. What is Dave's? We hope you'll attend to find out.


Meeting of Friday, November 11th

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

Ex-President, Alan Baer, rang the bell and called the meeting to order. He and his daughter, Stephanie, led the pledge of allegiance. Stoney led a moment of silence for freedom, peace, and justice on earth. Henry Kelman’s thought for Veterans Day was to think about and be thankful for those who have served their country as members of the military.

Rotarians with Guests

Norm Foley introduced his wife, Bonnie.
Jon Lawlis, the frequent traveler, introduced his daughter, Alyssa.

Sunshine Report

During Bill Koziol’s Sunshine Report, Alan Baer said he saw John Nicol recently and that John’s doing reasonably well. John goes into work a few hours each day and then goes home early. Late-breaking news is that John’s wife, Felicia, passed away on Monday, November 14. More information will follow about funeral service time and location.


  • In keeping with tradition, $100 checks have gone out to individual teachers at Peres School to help purchase needed classroom supplies. At today’s meeting, five members each volunteered another $100 to reimburse the Club for covering the initial shortfall from earlier member contributions. Nice going!
  • The annual Rotary Christmas Auction occurs on December 2 at the regular lunch meeting, which will most likely start early (stay tuned). Plan to bring friends, relatives, and neighbors to this fun event which is Richmond Rotary’s biggest fund-raising activity of the year. While terrific auction items have already been brought forward (see for yourself) we need everyone's participation. Visit the auction page to make your donation today!
  • Please remember to bring an unwrapped new toy to the December 16 meeting, our 2nd Annual Toy Drive.
    Enos Johnson is again coordinating our efforts, to assist the Richmond/El Cerrito Fire and Police Depts. as they serve over 1,700 needy kids in our community.
    Santa Claus will be making a special appearance again this year, so bring your children and grandchildren to talk to Santa about their Holiday dreams. They may want to bring a toy for Santa to share with other children. Members of the Fire Department will deliver the toys to the Coronado YMCA, where they will be distributed on December 22nd, with the assistance of our own elf, Don Lau.
  • Turn your attention to the column on the left, please. There you'll see a link to post your information in the online business directory for BARSHEEP clubs (Berkeley, Albany, Richmond, etc.). Check it out and spread the good news about yourself.

Special Events

New member, Doris Mitchell, did her “Who Am I”. She was born in Honduras and raised in Albany here in the bay area. She attended Golden Gate Law School in San Francisco, specializes in Trust and Estate Planning, and recently opened her office in Point Richmond. She has two young children, a boy who likes to wrestle and a girl who can be sassy. Her favorite color is green. Welcome, Doris!


  • Norm Foley was recognized for his and Bonnie’s 30th wedding anniversary. While being discreet about exactly how they celebrated the occasion, Norm graciously contributed $200 to the Club.

Happy and Sad Dollars

  • Stoney offered happy dollars in recognition of armed services veterans on this special day.
  • Bob Dabney had happy dollars for Richmond Rotary contributions that allowed 16 local young people to attend the previous night’s opening game of the Richmond Rockets basketball team.
  • Hank Covell provided some happy dollars for the good memories of Norm and Bonnie Foley being married in Hank’s home 30 years ago.
  • Jim Young had happy dollars for recently seeing Rhonda Harris, who passed along greetings to all Club members with promises to be back soon.
  • Edgar DeLeon had happy dollars for the good time had by all at the opening game for the Richmond Rockets basketball team.
  • Today’s speaker, Richmond Rockets coach, Lamar Baker, offered some happy dollars for his team’s victory the previous night and for the kids who were able to attend because of Richmond Rotary’s support.
  • Jon Lawlis had some happy dollars for being back at the Club again.
  • Jim Young offered some additional happy dollars as a reminder to everyone about how important the December 2 auction is to Richmond Rotary’s annual budget. Come and spend generously.


Norm's Nonsense

When the President visited Beijing, the zoo was one of the highlights of his tour. The Premier proudly showed him to the grand cage housing a giant panda and a little lamb. "This is our peaceful coexistence exhibit," he explained proudly.

The President was most impressed. "It certainly seems to work well," he commented politely.

"It does, it does," the Premier assured him. "Of course, we have to put in a new lamb every morning."


The Richmond Rockets

Jim Young introduced Lamar Baker, Head Coach of the new Richmond Rockets basketball team, an expansion team within the American Basketball Association (ABA).

With an estimated 1000 fans in attendance (along with camera crews from a couple of bay area television stations), the Rockets had an opening-game victory over the Bay Area Matrix the previous night at the Richmond Auditorium.

With the NBA lockout dragging on, people seemed to really enjoy getting out and experiencing what the Richmond Rockets are offering: affordable, family-friendly, full-service sports entertainment.

The ABA was originally established in 1967 as a professional basketball league with a fast pace and the trademark red, white and blue basketball. The new league first introduced the three-point shot and the slam dunk contest. The ABA was also where several basketball legends got their start, including Rick Barry, Dr. J, Moses Malone, and Larry Brown.

In 1976 the ABA merged with the NBA and four of its original teams are still standouts today (New Jersey Nets, Indiana Pacers, Denver Nuggets, and San Antonio Spurs).

The ABA league was revived in the year 2000 with six teams taking to the court around the country. Since that time, the ABA has grown to nearly 80 teams and has now become the largest professional basketball league in the world. ABA teams are unique because of local ownership and an emphasis on community involvement and youth development.

Lamar told us that over the coming months, the top 12 ABA teams throughout the country will compete in the ABA Classic National Tournament. There will then be an international tournament in China, including teams from Japan, Germany, and other countries. The winner of that contest will be crowned “World Champion”. (Do you think the NBA is paying attention to all this?)

The Rockets are a great addition to the City of Richmond. We wish them much success!

-Rotating Editor, Tom Waller