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Next meeting: December 9th

Natural Gas Infrastructure

John Corona and Roxanne Cruz from Pacific Gas & Electric Co. visit Richmond Rotary to discuss the safety of our gas transmission system.


Meeting of Friday, December 2nd: Our Holiday Auction

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

Well it happened again. Against the backdrop of a brilliant wind sweep December day, with vistas as far as you can see through the Golden Gate, President EJ Shalaby contained the exuberance and hubbub of the pre-Holiday Auction by ringing the bell and calling the event to a semblance of order, even as more Rotarians, guests and donations arrived (late). Michelle Itagaki lead the Club in the Pledge of Allegiance and Stony Stonework asked for a moment of silence for Freedom, Peace and Justice around the world. With traditional Eggnog/jet fuel flowing courtesy of CA Sid Chauvin and a line at the buffet getting lunch, Prez EJ turned the microphone over to the devil-may-care Holiday Auctioneers, Don ‘The Menehune’ Lau and Jim ‘The Beav’ Beaver. The dynamic duo was aided this year by the enchanting Red Badge Rookie Michelle Itagaki managing the silent auction and a substantial ‘back room operation’ including David A. (DAB) Brown, Henry Moe and Connie Tritt.

From this point forward everything becomes kind of a blur (I think) but two things are for certain:

  • The Auction was a fantastic success! The $18,500+ results is not the largest amount ever collected at a Holiday Auction but given the economy and the challenges faced by the entire membership it was 116% of budget and BoD expectation. Well Done Rotarians!
  • The unofficial Post-Auction analysis team, meeting in the MVCC Lakeview Room, declared the Holiday Auction, “the Most Fun Meeting of the Year”. ‘You had to have been there!

Visiting Rotarians

Back to the Holiday Auction, there were several visiting Rotarians, among them Past President Leslie Levy, now a member of the Berkeley Club. Our loss…

Rotarians with Guests

Again, many, many guests were present. We recognize Joan Davis’ special guest, Richmond Community Foundation’s Director of Development Jim Becker who contributed the marquee donation of a one week vacation stay in the paradise of your choice.
It was also nice to see Jon Lawlis and his new best friend Darlene from Plano TX.
 Like I said, “You had to be there”.

Sunshine Report

No Report persae, but the club acknowledged John Nicol and his daughter.


  • As is the Club custom, the Annual Meeting was held. President-elect Jim Young’s slate of new members for the Board of Directors was announced: Nick Despota, Mark Howe and Tom Waller. They were approved by acclimation.
  • Prez EJ also announced the nomination Liliane Koziol for Club President for the 2013-14 Rotary year.  Liliane’s nomination was also approved by acclimation.

  •    Click to download flyer
    And this just in... the Hercules Rotary announces its 15th Annual Crab Feed, Saturday 7th, 7 PM at the Hercules Community Swim Center. $40/person, $45 if purchased after December 15th. For tickets or more information, call Carol White, 724-0997; or Bill Shea, 590-7932; or Dee Lopez, 299-5799; or any Hercules Rotary member. All proceeds to benefit Rotary Enrichment Programs in the Hercules & Rodeo Communities. Download flyer.

All other Club business was suspended in deference to the Auction.

Norm's Nonsense

You know you are getting old when ...
  - You sleep like a baby. You wake up hungry every two hours with a mess in your pants.
  - Your blood type has been discontinued.
  - You recall that when there was no pilll, the best method of birth control was a rusty zipper.


Like I said, “You had to have been there!” But, whether you were or you were not, the very best of the Holiday Season to you and yours!

-Rotating Editor, Jim Young