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What's new at NIAD?

Deb Dyer, Executive Director of the National Institute for the Arts and Disabilities discusses NIAD's mission and initiatives on the horizon.

If you're not aware of the valuable work that NIAD does on behalf of people with disabilities, here's a chance to learn.


Meeting of Friday, January 13th

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

President EJ Shalaby rang the bell for meeting #2 of the new year. Ace Red Badge Rookie Michelle Itagaki lead the club in the Pledge of Allegiance, Henry Kelman left his comfort zone of political commentary for today’s thought on the then pending 49er – Saints game, “It’s going to be a long day for the 49ers.” And it was, but WHAT A DAY! And we get to do it again this coming Sunday!

Visiting Rotarians

In a tribute to advance planning and reaching out to fellow Rotarians Steve Lack, District Governor Elect for the 2013-14 introduced himself saying he had heard so much about the Richmond Club that it was time come out and sit amongst us, which he did. Welcome to Richmond Rotary Steve.

Rotarians with Guests

Today Josh Surowitz is a host in absentia but his guest and soon to be Red Badge Rotarian David Keystone of the SK Law Group was present.
Henry Kelman brought his well known brother and ‘used to waz’ Richmond Rotarian Joe to the meeting, which also suggests there may be a poker game somewhere in West County this evening since Joe’s in town from the Sacramento Valley.

Sunshine Report

The previously mentioned Josh Surowitz is home with the flu or a cold or something and is thoughtfully only exposing his staff at work and not Rotary to the ailment.
Hank Covell said that John Nicoll is doing ok but had to make a strategic decision as to either come to Rotary or go to the rumored poker game and that he (Hank) would be picking John up after Rotary for the game. Hank also mentioned that the 24th will be John’s 89th birthday.


    Crab Feed
  • Rotary Crab Feed January 28.  Sign up with Erle Brown or on line on the Rotary Website. Erle also casually mentioned that everyone ‘better get off their butts and get more sign-ups’ as we currently only have 60 and we need 110.
  • Ah Beggorah! The 3rd Annual BARSHEEP St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Fest will be held March 17th, Saturday at Hs Lordship’s, $45/person in advance, $50 at the door if seats are still available. Sign up sheet at the next meeting. Checks or cash to DAB or look for the Shamrock button on the Flywheel. [It is not known for certain if BARSHEEP is an ancient Gallic word. It’s true meaning can only be learned at the St. Patrick’s Day dinner but it is believed to have something to do with coconuts.]

Special Events

Joan Davis reported that Sid had made a Foundation contribution for his son Brian.


Jimmy “The Beav” handled the Recognitions.  New Year’s Day Birthday Girl Pam Jones was happy she got to celebrate her birthday with her daughter and son-in-law.  Beav celebrated his birthday eating chili and was puzzled by his gift of a case of prune juice.  You’re a “regular” guy Beav.

Happy and Sad Dollars

Beav continued with Happy Sad Dollars: Michelle Itagaki apologized for flubbing the Pledge and was also sad to report that salt is not good to have in your floor; Hank Covell was happy to report he celebrated in New Orleans and enjoyed his Caribbean Cruise; Dan Sanders was happy about his zombie shooting with David “Black Bart” Brown; Your Scribe also contributed happy dollars for his shooting experience which would have been enhance with some alcohol; Josh Genser was sad that Heather Kulps’s husband (hope you are feeling better Barry) suffered a heart attack, but happy to report that mom was being cared for in an assisted living home; Joan Davis was happy to have spent 2 weeks in Australia and experiencing an old world courtroom visit; David Brown was happy that he took a break from practicing law to score Spring Training tickets; Rafael Madrigal was happy for the 49ers; Alan Baer shared with all the “hair brush” (looked more like a small paddle) from his sister; Herb Cole is waiting for the right moment to call his brother the LSU fan;  and Sid Chauvin was happy to see an “Is Rotary for You?” sign on a bus.

Norm's Nonsense

Osama bin Laden came to the pearly gates, and there were George Washington, Patrick Henry, James Madison, John Randolph, and Thomas Jefferson. The famous crowd picked up Osama B and threw him into Hell. As he was being tossed out, the terrorist yelled to an angel and said, "This isn't what I was promised!"
The angel replied, "I told you there would be Virginians waiting for you. What did you think I said?"


A vist from Brazil's Consul General Ramos

Jim Young introduced our program for the day brought to us by our own Heather Kulp of Chevron.  Tim Burchfield, Process Engineer from Chevron, made a presentation on Cogeneration at the Chevron Richmond Refinery Facility.  Tim indicated that Chevron is the largest consumer of energy provide by PG&E, but also has the capacity make electricity and not burden PG&E. Cogeneration is the effective process to generate electricity and steam.  Cogeneration involves the following: air into a compressor; combustion chamber; spinning the turbine and that creates electricity.  The “waste” from that process then provides the heat to manufacture steam.  The Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) turns water into 3 grades of steam that is very important to the refining process.  Steam is used for Power-steams drives pumps and compressors, Processing-stripping and cleaning for maintenance; and Heat Source-heat exchanges.  Chevron can produce 2-50 megawatts which is equal to providing power to 75,000 homes. For more information on cogeneration you can go to Chevron’s webpage  

- Rotating Editors Jim Young and The Menehune