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Next meeting: February 10th

What's new at the Richmond Public Library? Meet Katy Curl.

What does the future hold for what is arguably Richmond's most important cultural institution?

Katy Curl, the new Library Director, will discuss the Library and its ever-evolving role in our city.


Meeting of Friday, February 3rd

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

Stony led us in the invocation today, asking for a moment of silence for “Peace and freedom on Earth” 

Visiting Rotarians

Dominc Yancy, a visiting Rotarian and a prosecutor for the District Attorney's office joined us today.

Rotarians with Guests

  • Josh Surowitz brought Trina Cleland, and Elise, an associate at his firm to lunch today.
  • Dominc Yancy, a visiting Rotarian, and a prosecutor for the DA’s office was visiting today.
  • Jim Young brought his wife, Linda, as his guest today.


  • The 3rd Annual BARSHEEP St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Fest will be held March 17th, Saturday at Hs Lordship’s, $45/person in advance, $50 at the door if seats are still available.
    For tickets, bring a checks or cash to David Brown at our next meeting, or click the button on the right. Couldn't be easier.
  • Earle Brown said the Crab Feed made a $3,000 profit for the club and the tips jars had $649 in them for the Salesian Roteract Club. 
  • Wednesday 2/8 is Rotary Mac Happy Hour – bring your friends and members.
  • February 17, we will be meeting at the food bank.  Directions to follow next week.
  • On March 2nd, we'll meet at the East Bay Center for the Performing Arts at the corner of 11th & Macdonald in Downtown Richmond. A catered lunch will be provided by La Strada so if you are bringing a guest, be sure to tell Jim Young. Parking on the street in a lot next to the Center, and in the city parking garage at 11th & Nevin which will stay open to Rotarians until 2 PM. The Center is ADA compliant so members will be able to use the elevator for the tour from basement to the third floor. The normal $20 lunch fee will be charged.
  • March 23, we are arranging to meet at the Richmond Country Club. Confirmation to follow.
  • Joan Davis awarded herself her first Paul Harris

Special Events

Joan Davis awarded to Lynn Wilson, the daughter of John Wilson her first Paul Harris.


Jim Beaver, today’s Recognitions Guy, is happy for his counterpart, Don Lau, who became a grandfather for the first time. It's a boy!

Norm's Nonsense

-You may recall that not too long ago the state of Kentucky enticed Toyota to build a plant near the city of Georgetown, after offering the company a very sweet deal. Well, one day Martha Layne Collins, the Governor of Kentucky, was scheduled to meet with both the Pope and the president of Toyota. Very upset, her secretary rushed into her office with the confession that she had scheduled both appointments for the same time, and that both distinguished visitors were on their way.
"Which do you want to see first?" she asked the governor.
"I'll see the Pope first," Collins answered. "I only have to kiss his ring."



Rosie the Riveter/World War II Home Front National Historic Park

Tom Leatherman, the new appointed superintendent of the Park and Marsha Mather Thrift spoke to us today about Richmond’s very own National Park.

This National Park is called “Interpretive,” which means that none of the real estate is owned by the Park like it is at Yosemite, for example.  The attractions are just managed by the National Park in partnership with the City of Richmond.

Physically the Park consists of much of the south Richmond waterfront, the location of a vast shipbuilding activities during the war: Shipyard 3 is still intact for the most part and is where the Red Oak Victory Ship is located.  Also at this site is the General Marine Warehouse and the Rigger Loft, whose roof has caved in and is in desperate need of some attention.  Shipyard 1, 2 & 4 have been redeveloped and Shipyard 2 is a now the posh the Marina Bay residential community.  The Ford Plant, the old Kaiser Hospital on Cutting can be seen as they were. The Child Care Center, though, has recently been restored.

The most important legacies of the shipyards are the mass entry of women into the workforce, the integration of the workforce, and the Kaiser Healthcare system, which, as we all know, has thrived since the war. These are the stories that the Rosie the Riveter/World War II Home Front National Park is dedicated to telling—after its rangers finish saying its complete name.

Tom explained that the new long awaited Visitors’ Center will be opening on May 26, 2012.  There will be a central location for many of the artifacts that tell this story.

Upcoming events include the: 

  • The Home Front Festival and the popular USO dance.
  • The Rosie Gala Dinner 4/26 from 6-10PM.
  • Remember the Visitors’ Center opening in May

- Meeting and Program notes by Mark Howe.