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Next Meeting: May 4th

"Kidney Transplant Survivor"

Photo: A Fight to Live

In her book, “A Fight To Live”, Pinole resident Linda Nigma describes her amazing journey before and after receiving a successful kidney transplant at the Stanford Medical Center in December 2010. Diagnosed in July of 2007 with end-stage renal disease (kidney failure) and told that she was going to die, Linda endured more than three years on dialysis and lost over 200 pounds. She will also discuss the growing need for living kidney donors and the importance of being an organ and tissue donor at end of life.


Meeting of Friday, April 27th

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

Alan Blavins led us in the pledge today, and Herb asked the club for a moment of silence for “Peace and Freedom on Earth”. Henry Kelman let us know that the stock market has been going up.

Visiting Rotarians

None Today

Rotarians with Guests

• Jon Lawlis brought his new squeeze Darlene to the club today.

• Phyllis, the boss of the Erle Brown household, was visiting today.


  • Rotary will have a booth at the Cinco de Mayo festival this weekend. Talk with Alan Baer if you plan on helping. There will be no food this year so it will be much easier.
  • May 19, 2012 has been confirmed for the NIAD fix-up day. Richard and Mark will get there around 8:30 am and the volunteers should be there after 9:00 am.
  • If construction is not your bailiwick then you can attend the District training conference in Solano the same day.
  • Don Lau is still looking for team members for the Salesian Golf Tournament Monday 5/7.
  • Our First meeting in Richmond in years, will occur this Friday at the Richmond Country Club.
  • The teen mother project needs storybooks – the kind with heavy cardboard pages. On 5/25 the teen mother project coordinators will meet to assemble the items that will be given to teen moms.
  • Recognitions, Happy and Sad Dollars

    • Josh Genser’s son Joshua graduated from Cal State East Bay and donated some happy dollars to celebrate. • Shimada the Japanese sister city to Richmond has a delegation visiting various Richmond folks this weekend – several of them were visiting Josh’s Scotch tasting party this weekend. • Richard Alexander donated a few bucks to the club because his son Nate finally passed his calculus exam. • Michelle Itagaki let us know that some acquaintances of hers who had been involved with hormone replacement therapy were experiencing suicidal tendencies when they were also using sleep aids and drugs like Prozac and Zoloft – beware and tell your friends she says. • Jon L. is sad to be leaving the Mira Vista for the new location.

    Norm's Nonsense

    We've got bad news and we have good news, Mrs. Olson. The bad news is that we've amputated the wrong leg. The good news is that your bad leg is getting better.


    We've got bad news and we have good news, Mrs. Olson. The bad news is that we've had to amputate the other leg too. The good news is that the lady in the next room made a very good offer on your shoes.




    Our speaker has studied at Cairo University and is currently getting his PhD from UC Berkeley in Anthropology and Architecture. Momen was also heavily involved in the recent Egyptian revolution. Today he told us his story. First he asked us for a moment of silence to recognize peace fighters who have been killed in action.

    For the following reasons the Egyptian people were ripe for rebellion: • There was little or no food in the stores • People were imprisoned for political reasons and could not meet without the scrutiny of the secret police. • General government oppression – no freedom of speech. The uprising started on Jan 25, 2011 and called itself the social justice movement. The regime was threatened after several days of protest around the country and responded with live ammunition. Protesters were killed even though they were unarmed. They chanted “Down Down Mubarek” Our speaker was injured by tear gas that hit his neck.

    THe credits Facebook and Twitter for providing the critical communication networks for the protest. It was used to coordinate protest activities. Mubarek eventually stepped down and the people now understand that he was just a puppet for the military who are now ruling the country.

    - Rotating Editor, Mark Howe