The Flywheel

Meeting of July 6th


Dudley Thompson, Director of Oakland Rotary #3 and enthusiastic supporter of the “New Cocktail Movement’ will discuss the history of the cocktail, its ups and downs, and the technique of mixing The Cocktail Classics.

The presentation will involve sample tasting before and after the meeting (21 or older) and Dudley has agreed to use his vast knowledge of the subject and raw materials to create a new cocktail tentatively dubbed, ‘The Rotarian’.

'nuf said.

Meeting of Friday, June 29th

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

Past President Alan Baer called the meeting to order. After the pledge of allegiance, Stoney asked for a moment of silence for peace, justice, and freedom on earth. With the air thick with anticipation about today’s ceremonious annual change of Club Presidents (out with EJ Shalaby and in with Jim Young), there was a brief hesitation about having a thought for the day and then, well, the time had past.

Rotarians with Guests

  • Heather Culp introduced her husband, Barry.
  • Charlie Fender introduced his wife, Clavel.
  • Jim Young introduced his wife, Linda.
  • Alan Baer introduced his daughter, Stephanie.
  • EJ Shalaby introduced his wife, Jeanne, and their twins, Dylan and Noah.

Sunshine Report

  • Joe Bagley reported that he had a good visit earlier in the week with Betty and Don Hardison and that they’re doing well.
  • John Nicol is recovering well after his recent operation.


Alan Baer introduced Connie Tritt as the Club’s new Rotary Foundation Chair. She’s replacing Joan Davis, who has done a great job and will remain on the Foundation Committee. Connie said it is an honor to begin serving in this capacity. With a friendly smile, she said she’ll follow the recommended past practice of stopping by people’s offices to pick up checks.


  • EJ Shalaby was recognized again for his recent 51st birthday. He said he had a great time on his birthday and hopes that his previous contribution to the Club treasury still counts.
  • Jan Brown and her husband, Byron, just celebrated their 41st wedding anniversary. She also had a birthday in June as did her son, who received a Giants baseball home-game ticket as a gift from mom. Not just any game, mind you, but the Matt Cain perfect game. Nice!
  • Super young-looking Richard Alexander celebrated his 64th birthday just the other day and celebrated with family at a dinner out in San Francisco.

Happy and Sad Dollars

  • Erle Brown had some sad dollars about a Richmond City Councilman’s misguided, expletive-deleted proposal to charge the Red Oak Victory ship berthing fees as a way to supposedly help close the City of Richmond’s budget gap.
  • Richard Alexander is happy about his son, a California Maritime Academy student, returning home from his cruise on the Academy’s training ship, Golden Bear.
  • Jim Young provided happy dollars about the Rotary RotoCare medical services project being considered on the Richmond City Council July 10 meeting agenda.



Alan Baer took the lead in a PowerPoint-based investigative inquiry into the mysterious persona of this past year’s Club President, EJ Shalaby.

From early photos clearly demonstrating that EJ was once a kid to never-before-seen shots of moose-antlered EJ as an unsavory party animal to the admittedly somewhat “PhotoShop-ed” spectacle of EJ sporting a lot of hair, it was all shockingly there for everyone to see.

There was even a troubling photo that raised the thorny question of whether EJ was the culprit behind the Richmond sink hole. In another questionable scene, a camouflaged EJ was caught testing a secret invention that he apparently hopes will bring in a lot of royalty income to eventually replace the big bucks he makes as General Manager of the West County Wastewater District. The invention? A portable toilet on a bike.

In keeping with that theme, outgoing Rotary District Assistant Governor Pam Jones presented EJ with the highly non-prestigious “Royal Flush” award. There was also a special bouquet of small, questionably fresh toilet plungers. (And did you try any of those small brown “candies” on the tables, the ones that someone said rhymed with “birds”?)

Returning from concert tour, guitarist Joe “swampy” Bagley performed a zippy new rendition of the Standell’s 1966 hit song, “Dirty Water”, complete with a chorus that implores, “EJ, keep my water clean!”

David Brown, in Tony Soprano-style gangsta character, then whispered into the microphone while opining to a table mate that this guy “Challaby” has been seen with some “heaters” and that he’s just not the quiet meek fellow he seems to be.

After almost too much fun had been had, Alan then (seriously) thanked EJ for his year of service and contribution as Richmond Rotary Club President. After receiving a standing ovation, EJ was presented with his Past President’s pin, a new, specially designated name badge, and a recognition plaque. As incoming President, Jim Young was given his new pin as was Liliane Koziol, President-elect for next year.

Thank you, EJ, and congratulations, Jim!

- Rotating Editor, Tom Waller