The Flywheel

Meeting of July 13th

Rebuilding Together

Rebuilding Together was, at one time, Christmas In April. Executive Director and Berkeley Rotarian John Stevens tells us how the community service continues under its new moniker.

Meeting of Friday, July 9th

Welcome, Invocation, Thought for the Day

Jim Young, called to order his first meeting of the new Rotarian year.
Tom Butt, led the salute while Horace Stonework led the moment of silence.
Henry Kelman provided the Thought of the Day, “Welcome to Summer”
Sideney Chauvin was thanked for welcoming everyone.

Visiting Rotarians

Laura Day, our District Governor graced us with a visit on this day.

Sunshine Report

Michelle Itagaki had broken hip and David Brown spoke with her and expressed that last week was a rough one for fellow Rotarian Michelle.


  • Rotary annual dues of $200 are due (hence the name) before 31st of July. David Brown also urges every Rotarian to make his or her annual contribution of $100 to Rotary International. You may use the PayPal button on the left to pay the dues portion alone.
  • Josh Surowitz announced Happy Hour event at Hoty Totsy Club on Wednesday, July 18th starting at 5:30 pm. Richmond Rotary members will be joined by East Bay Business Alliance.
  • New president, Jim Young reminded all that they will be fined $20 if cell or pager goes off and $50 for snoring exceptionally loud during the meeting. (Does that mean quiet snoring is OK?)
  • Laura Day, District Governor, announced the District Conference, November 2nd through 4th, which will include a toga party and much more.
  • Joan Davis retiring as Chair Foundation and transferring duties to Connie Tritt.


Ralph P. Hill, was recognized for all his generous donations. His decades of contributions have qualified him as a Rotary Major Donor, Level 1.

Happy and Sad Dollars

Josh Surowitz celebrated anniversary with bottle of wine and 2 dead fish. Herbert Cole was happy to get pie for lunch. Henry Covell was happy his son hired his granddaughter to be sitter while family visited the Virgin Islands.  Joan Davis was happy she got to visit her brother in Japan. Sidney Chauvin was happy daughter got a job at St. Francis Hospital.  Donald Lau was happy spent time with parents who are 90 and 95 and then grandson who is 5 months old.  Tom Butt is looking for house sitter. Dudley Thompson offered a few happy dollars in appreciation of his kidney stone, which had finally passed.

Norm's Nonsense

You know you are getting older when ...
- You pick up a remote control, hold it to your ear, and wait for the dial tone.
- You realize age doesn't always bring wisdom. Many times age comes alone.
- You sit in a rocking chair and need help getting it started.



Dudley Thompson from the Oakland Rotarian Club had the group’s attention as he discussed the history of cocktails and how his obsession with mixed drinks began.  Dudley made his way from the east coast to the west, from work in religious organizations to nonprofits to the cocktail scene.  He presented a brief history of the art of creating, marketing and enjoying mixed drinks. The group had the pleasure of tasting two of Mr. Thompson’s art work.  

- Rotating Editor, Doris Mitchell