Club 100

Over the last century, hundreds of Richmond Rotarians have contributed their passions and skills, their labors and dollars, to the betterment of our world. To honor this history of service, we have adopted the Miraflores Centennial Project: An Immigrant Story, an educational exhibit scheduled for installation in the spring of 2020.

To fund this historic project, we have launched Club 100. Our goal is to raise at least $50,000 through donations, grants and community donors. We will meet our members’ share of that target through 100% participation, with each of us making a contribution of $100 or more. Below are the names of those who have already pitched in.

Appreciating the significance of this project, some members have contributed more than $100. Please join them if you can. The Donate button in the right column of the Flywheel page makes it easy to make your donation online.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call me at 510 813-5170.

Don Lau


Rick Ambrose
Alan and Santa Baer
Alan Blavins
Byron and Jan Brown
Cheryl and David Brown
Erle Brown
Tom Butt
Herb Cole
Hank and Doreen Covell
Nick Despota
Simon Ellis
Brian Fay
Oscar Garcia
Mark Howe
Liliane Koziol
Don Lau
Jon Lawlis
Norm Lundberg
Gonzalo Ochoa
Darlene Quenville
Tamara Shiloh
Stacey Street
Josh Surowitz
Pierre Thompson
Connie Tritt
Mike Winter
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