Rotarians and Groundwork Richmond volunteers at the Miraflores Sustainable Greenbelt

On Saturday, January 11, 2020, the first wave of Rotary, Interact, and community volunteers met to support the creek restoration and urban reforestation work of Groundwork Richmond along the Miraflores Sustainable Greenbelt. Together, they planted over 400 willow staves along the muddy creek embankment of the newly day-lighted Baxter Creek—soon to become a vital part of the natural buffer zone between Interstate 80 and the Park Plaza neighborhood.

In spring of 2020, the first of several historical educational displays to honor the Japanese-American Immigrant story will be installed on the site where their nurseries once flourished. Nearby (and visible from the freeway) are the preserved homes of the Oishi and Sakai families which will be repurposed as a community center and home base to Groundwork Richmond.