Help during Coronavirus Pandemic

Donate personal hygiene supplies to homeless families
We have set up a Richmond Rotary Community Project to purchase hygiene gift bags for homeless people in the Richmond area. Visit the Amazon registry here, to choose the items you want to donate, or just go to Amazon and search for “wedding registry”, then in the next search field, “Richmond Rotary.”

You’ll see at the bottom of the box in which each item appears, an indication of how many units of that item are still needed. (Hand sanitizers were sold out when we checked. No surprise.)

Just before completing the check out stage, you’ll be asked to select a shipping address. At the bottom of that page, you’ll see a section to add a new address. In that area, please enter:  Armor Locksmith Service 2801 Pinole Valley Road, Suite B, Pinole, CA 94564.

Healthcare Training
If you have medical training or would like to receive training in order to help during the pandemic, please visit the Volunteer Surge website.

Volunteer to provide direct services
Thank you for your offer to help people in our community who may not be able to meet their needs during the Coronavirus pandemic. After you submit this form, another member of Richmond Rotary will get in touch with you. Thank you again!