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If you wish, you may use the comment field below to give an example of something you or someone you know has done to build connections in your community.


Build Connections — 2 Comments

  1. I build connections in my community by inviting people to contribute to the online media I help produce.

    I’ve also been walking around my neighborhood more (at least before the heavy allergy days hit us in the beginning of May). My after-dinner strolls are opportunities to meet new neighbors and enjoy chatting with those I already know–all the while keeping at least 6 feet apart and wearing masks of course. This is connection building at the neighborhood level.

    The after-dinner strolling does not feel virtuous in any way; it’s just a nice way to spend time, especially now that there’s less traffic, it’s quieter, the views are clearer, and, of course, there are more people out and about for the same reason I am.

  2. I smile a lot and give money to organizations that address inequality.

    Your poster is too dark. Will there be contact information?

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